Tarot and Numerology The Hermit

Beyond the use as reading of the arcana in the usual rolls, this sacred oracle also serves us and gives us one of the keys to help us in life. I believe that almost all of us are very clear that nothing in life is due to chance. And that includes our birth. That is, … Read more

When and how to spend CLEANING SAHUMERIES?

The new moon phase is not much used in magic, but it is nevertheless the ideal phase to do cleaning and discharges in order to distribute towards a new cycle. One of the easiest ways to do a good cleaning of our house or the place where we work, is simply passing a sahumerio. That … Read more

STORIES TO REFLECT_ The red thread of destiny

An old oriental legend tells that people destined to meet are united by an invisible red thread… do you want to know it? A long, long time ago, an emperor found out that in one of the provinces of his kingdom lived a very powerful witch, who had the ability to see the red thread … Read more


There are typical disorders when a person is a victim of witchcraft, here we will see some of the symptoms that can indicate that “someone” did a witchcraft or spell on him……. unfortunately, this is much more common than we can believe, because evil and envy exist among humans since the night of time. The … Read more


The evil eye is the product of a negative and unconscious reaction – sometimes not so unconscious – by one person to another; a person who feeds malevolent feelings towards another person or living being. (Remember that an evil eye can also be sent towards animals or plants) A word, a powerful desire, envy, and … Read more


The influence of the Moon on man is not a mere supposition or a dream of romantic poets, but a reality that has its basis in the proximity of our planet, as they are only about 384,000 km away. To give us an idea of the influence that the Moon exerts on the Earth, its … Read more


New Moon: This phase marks the birth of a lunation and therefore will be the optimal time to initiate a new purpose, shaping it in our mind to move into practice during the opening cycle. The mind is more receptive so it is ideal for meditation and finding answers to the questions that concern us. … Read more


Although it is usually the forgotten one, incense is one of the essential items in any ritual since through it, our petitions, symbolized by smoke – air element – are sent to the universe, or to a specific entity. Incense not only serves to ‘create atmosphere’, but is also a quick way to eliminate negativity, … Read more


WHITE: this colour develops the positive in each person, the elements that contribute to giving stability. It brings peace to people to such an extent that it can even serve to reconcile us with a friend or family member (another colour is used for love affairs). Its power is based on keeping negative thoughts away … Read more


Wicca is one of the so-called “Neo-pagan” religions. As a religion, influenced by the Celtic world and the contact with nature, it is based on the worship of the ancient pagan gods, preferably one God and one Goddess, – the Lord and the Lady – as a reflection of the feminine and masculine part that … Read more