21 May – 21 June

Air sign. Mutable. Male

Symbolism: the Twins

Regent: Mercury

Key phrase: I THINK


With Gemini, the third in the zodiacal order, spring is already heading towards the summer season and the air of the sign acts as a vehicle for nature’s messages: the flight of birds and butterflies, the buzzing of insects, the pollen of flowers.

Therefore, it is above all a sign of communication: Gemini’s mobility is precisely related to this incessant crossing of news, information, experiences, each of which is valid and interesting, making it difficult to take sides and maintain it to the end.

The sign of Gemini evokes the freshness, the joyful and carefree spirit of youth. The indefatigable curiosity that moves the native keeps him eternally young, constantly up to date, ready to capture any sign of novelty that may come his way. Eager to know the best, and to live the most varied experiences, with a happy and sociable spirit, he is able to perform in front of anyone and in any environment. With a quick and agile mind, he immediately grasps the essential aspects of each situation, to which he adapts with maximum ease. He solves minor problems quickly and is comfortable when it comes to managing small businesses or organising contacts and relationships.

Gemini’s nature is fundamentally cerebral: the mind, the centre of his personality, is the filter for any external stimulus or event, and even for his own emotions. While he is a brilliant conversationalist and entertainer, there is a certain intimate detachment, a willingness to stay detached from any real emotional engagement.

He is given to rationalizing even the feeling, and gladly abandons himself to long talks rather than to passionate impulses. Intellectually he is alert and quick, original and versatile, and possesses a keen insight and critical sense, as well as literary skills, but he sins of superficiality, due both to the fickleness of his tastes and his character, and to the fact that he is reluctant to assume concrete commitments that could limit his freedom to experience new experiences. His culture is often broad, but superficial, due to his aversion to what is ‘fixed’, to carrying out initiatives or projects.

Lacking perseverance and being immediately tired, he often changes his mind, attracted by new stimuli that keep the spectre of boredom away. The dualism of the sign manifests itself in two typologies of character, one more instinctive in the response to the stimuli of life, which corresponds more faithfully to this portrait, and the other more intellectual in the evaluation, although it has interiorised the mercurial restlessness. It is frequent that in the native there is a mixture of both ‘souls’ of the sign.

Besides the inconstancy, the most evident defect of this singo is the scarce attention dedicated to moral and spiritual questions, which can highlight the negative aspects of the nature of Gemini: impudence, lack of honesty, ambiguity, transformism, inspires little confidence, especially in the affective and economic field, indecision, is susceptible to being influenced, while possessing insufficient inner strength.

In order to exploit his optimal intellectual gifts, the native should strengthen his will and exercise tenacity, setting himself precise objectives and avoiding being distracted by causal episodes. In the same way, he should moderate his critical sense and let his heart speak more, learn to be silent and to listen to others while keeping his mouth shut. Destiny is often unstable, often double: two jobs, two sentimental ties, etc., distinguish existence at the same time or characterize two distinct phases of life.

In love, the Gemini native is also often unpredictable and changeable: what he wishes for one day disinterests him the next. As its dual sign indicates, Gemini likes to be the protagonist and the spectator.

His great fantasy combined with his natural curiosity gives him a special appeal and his need for independence generates an aura of mystery that is usually irresistible.

In love, as in all aspects of his life, Gemini likes things to go fast. Not given to excessive sentimentality, he will fly over relationships without going too deep into any of them. He likes to flirt, to attract attention, so he will not hesitate to accept any opportunity that arises without measuring the consequences and without stopping to think if he is really in love.

Gemini is a master at conversation and this, together with a fertile imagination, makes these two qualities a practically infallible weapon that few lovers can resist. The superficiality with which he faces his relationships can make them become a mere game in which he always wants to be a winner no matter how much damage this may cause. His imagination will dictate words and promises not always true in order to reach his goals; but he can fall into the trap by believing his own words. It is not that he lies, it is that he is the truth in ‘those’ moments.

Those who approach a Gemini with loving feelings are often baffled by his extreme changes; so, to a night of love, he may respond the next day with a feeling of coldness. Deep down, even if he insists on showing the opposite, Gemini dreams of the great, perfect and lasting love. Hence, his constant flight, his trying and searching beyond. But also his intrinsic fear of losing his freedom, prevents him from realizing it. His fear of commitment makes him reserved about expressing his feelings.

Anatomically, the sign of Gemini is related to the respiratory system – bronchi and lungs – with the shoulders, arms and hands. The nervous system is often fragile.

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