23 September – 22 October

Air sign. Cardinal. Male

Symbolism: the Scale

Regent: Venus


Key word: HARMONY

The sign of Libra begins with the autumn equinox: the moment when the length of day and night is balanced, in the soft and colourful season when the soil, still exhausted after the harvest, prepares for sowing.

The autumn air of Libra is the vehicle of adaptability to the conditions of nature, adaptability that constitutes one of the main characteristics of the sign. This flying air leads to the constant search for human contacts, which are indispensable for the native to feel complete and in harmony with himself.

Libra is, above all, a sign of harmony, an unavoidable condition for reaching inner serenity, one of the most beautiful attributes of this native, when he feels fulfilled and in right tune with the world. Balance, whose symbol is the two plates of the scale, is not, in fact, a gift, but an ideal to be achieved.

The sensitivity of Libra is delicate and refined, although it is under the control of a thick rationality that prevents the evident manifestation of emotions. Peaceful and rather indolent, the native hates conflict situations, arguments, competition, would like to get along with everyone, or at least not get directly involved in situations that force him to take a clear stand.

His malleability and innate courtesy can make one think that he is a person of little character, when in reality he often prefers to adapt to people and situations, even if they are not entirely pleasant, before contracting the obligation to fight to impose his point of view; he often gets so involved in the desires of others that he sacrifices his inclinations so as not to disappoint the expectations of others. Things change when his ideals and the welfare of his fellowmen or loved ones become involved; romantically idealistic, yet deeply motivated, Libra has an innate sense of fairness that leads him to be unable to tolerate injustice or, worse still, violence.

Relationship with others is fundamental to personal evolution, and the native possesses the attributes necessary to integrate easily into the social environment: his kindness, diplomacy, sense of measure are so recognized, that he is often required to put peace into an argument or to give his impartial and considered opinion. However, he does not like to take on too much responsibility, nor feel excessively tied down in relationships; to safeguard his own freedom he often assumes an elegantly superficial attitude, limiting himself to the more pleasant and less compromising aspects of life together.

A strong aesthetic sense, love of beautiful things and fun, laziness, often push him to lead a worldly life; this superficiality, if it becomes an intrinsic aversion to obligations, can be counted among the main defects of the native. The inclination to measure actions and words, and perfectionism when it comes to decision, can lead to chronic hesitation, indecision in the handling of one’s own destiny, allowing others to do so, often in a sentimental relationship which in Libra is a matter of the utmost importance. It is difficult for the native to pronounce unpleasant truths and, though a lover of truth, he may fall into falsehood; the spirit of initiative is not supported by a strong will, and he needs the encouragement of his fellowmen to persevere.

In love, Libra has a well-deserved reputation as a good lover, and this is due not only to his physical prowess, but to his innate sense of balance which impels him to seek harmony in all things, and especially in his relationship with the opposite sex. For this reason he will always avoid quarrels and try to find a gentle and subtle way to solve problems, but without getting too involved in radical positions.

Charming, detail-oriented, a Libra will never forget the important dates or the smallest details of a happy encounter. Their sensuality and charm are as marked as their need for harmony, their conversation is interesting and fun, which makes these natives highly sought after for all kinds of events.

Aware of his charms, Libra is usually very fond of flirtations and the ‘like and attract’ are for him a real drug, which is not always well understood by their partners.

However, his passion for balance may in some cases turn against him, inclining him more to reflection than action. Many times Libra will stay with the desire to get closer to a person, giving up at the last moment either because he should get too involved or to avoid an embarrassing situation.

Even his charm and influence can turn against him. Since it is very difficult to say no to a Libra’s request, he can end up abusing this power over others with ever more intensive abuse.

The destiny of the native Libra is often linked to the affective life, marriage, or to relationships of association or collaboration: on his own, the native does not strive for good results in the material field and this carefree attitude can diminish success. However, he can count on the support of fortune, which often plays an important role in life’s circumstances.

Anatomically, Libra has the kidneys, the bladder, the adrenal glands and the lumbar region. Not very energetic in temperament, he often suffers from hemicranial headaches.

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Loves intrigue

Peace at any price