STORIES TO REFLECT_ The red thread of destiny

An old oriental legend tells that people destined to meet are united by an invisible red thread… do you want to know it?

A long, long time ago, an emperor found out that in one of the provinces of his kingdom lived a very powerful witch, who had the ability to see the red thread of destiny, and he sent for her.

When the witch arrived, the emperor ordered her to find the other end of the thread that he had tied to his little finger and to bring it to the one who would be his wife.

The witch agreed to this request of the emperor and began to follow and follow the thread.

This search led them to a market, exactly to a stall where a poor peasant woman was offering her products with a baby in her arms.

When they reached this peasant woman, they stopped in front of her and invited her to stand up. She made the young emperor come up to her and said

Here, sir, finish your thread.
The emperor’s reaction was not as expected. He became angry and, believing that it was all a mockery of the witch, he pushed the peasant girl who was still carrying her little baby in her arms and made her fall to the ground, so that the little girl got a big wound on her forehead. And, not content with that, the emperor ordered his guards to stop the witch and cut off her head.

Many years later, the time came when the emperor had to get married.

His court recommended that it would be best for him to marry the daughter of a very powerful general. He accepted and the day of the wedding arrived.

The bride entered the temple with a beautiful dress and a veil that covered her completely.

At the end of the ceremony it was time to see his wife’s face for the first time.

And, when she lifted the veil, she saw that this beautiful face had a very peculiar scar on her forehead….