Hello friends

It is not my intention to give an exhaustive course on this subject, but it is true that I find it exciting and despite whoever it may be, in my consultations I repeatedly see that a certain sign reacts in such and such a way. What other sign, has always such and such sensitivity.

Sincerely, astrology, the understanding of the different zodiacs helps me to better understand people. And in this I firmly believe. Very hardly, if ever, will a Taurus think and act like a Leo, to give an example. Different mentalities and different ways of seeing life. None is better or worse than the other. Simply different. And that diversity is what makes the study of the human personality immensely rewarding and interesting.

Apart from this, I think it can also be a personal help. The more we know our weaknesses, our strengths, and what potential we have within us, the better we can understand each other and therefore improve our own evolution.

I have no objection to the daily zodiacal forecasts in the newspapers. I simply do not believe in them, but this is a very personal opinion.

Of course, no two people are identical, even if they were born on the same day and are therefore of the same sign. Every two hours the position of the Ascendant changes and therefore this will have a huge influence. In fact the ascendant – for whose calculation the exact time of birth is needed – is the way in which each person externalises the qualities and defects of his sun sign. Then, of course, education also has an enormous influence.

But for a detailed study of the personality of each one, – Ascendant, Houses, Planets – we should already go to a detailed study of each personality: what is called an ASTRAL CHARTER, and here I only intend to give you some general information, but no less exact.

And for those unbelievers who think that all this sign stuff is worthless, and that the planets have not the slightest influence on our lives, I remind you what would become of us without the influence of the sun. Or the influence of the Moon on the tides, on everything liquid, and even on the character of many people; we have all heard of ‘it has a lunatic character’ or of the excitement produced on nights of the full Moon. And it is a more than scientifically proven fact that as the stage of the full Moon approaches, childbirths are precipitated.

To the wise, ……

As for the dates I give you for the beginning and end of each sign, they are of course exact, but perhaps you will find other authors who admit one day too many or one day too few.

Natives who do not belong to the first or last day, have no problem. The natives who belong to the days of change, should consult the ephemeris to know exactly when the sun entered the sign on such a day and in such a year. This is the only way to be completely sure about the sign you belong to.