21 April – 20 May

Earth sign. Fixed. Female

Symbolism: the Bull

Regent: Venus

Key phrase: I HAVE


Taurus, the second sign of the Zodiac, corresponds to the fullness of spring; it is a sign that expresses fertility and procreation. Its fertile soil evokes the reality of life in its most pleasant and palpable aspects: a healthy simplicity is at the base of the psychology of the sign, which manifests itself in the love for nature and in the full enjoyment of the pleasures that life has to offer.

Taurus is a sign of possession: materialism is one of the basic peculiarities of its nature, which tends to identify itself with what it possesses, to which it consequently feels particularly attached. Realism and tenacity are other fundamental elements of his temperament; cautious and patient, the native is of a calm and slow nature and faithful to his opinions in an almost excessive way, he does not love surprises and changes on the contrary, his conservative and executing spirit makes him proceed by studying at every step, he concentrates on his own activities with admirable constancy and gives little space to improvisation. The power and strength of resistance make up for the lack of imagination and adaptability.

The native needs stimuli and concrete objectives to act, either because he does not let himself be suggested by idealism, or because he is basically lazy. Limited ambitions, as long as they meet their primary needs, already satisfy them. Foresighted and persevering, he is not very dynamic and lacks initiative: he decides only after long reflection, but he hardly stays in the middle of a project.

Calm and thoughtful, his disposition is peaceful, altruistic and rather accommodating, but if he detects a threat to his interests, his principles or his personal serenity, he may react violently, with sudden attacks of anger. His tenacious memory does not forget the injustices committed against him: he is capable of feeding tireless resentments. Intellectually, he is not very agile or curious, and he is slow to understand, but he has a great deal of common sense. Although he is not prone to abstractions and pure fantasy, he has excellent analytical skills and is a capable administrator: the material side of life is his constant concern, so he devotes himself body and soul to making his own existence and that of the people he loves more pleasant.

Being a convinced hedonist, he cultivates material pleasures: his sensuality is proverbial and does not allow him to forget anything that can offer pleasure to the eye, the palate or the ear, thus showing good taste and artistic sense, in fact, he is often endowed with artistic or musical talent.

The native of Taurus attaches great importance to love, which he lives with as much affective, emotional and erotic intensity as it is possessive, although always in a healthy, clear way, avoiding complications and ambiguities, aspiring, on the contrary, to security and stability.

They are usually very attractive to the opposite sex. They are constant, sensual and sentimental and these three characteristics make them irresistible. In them two opposing forces seem to coexist: while in daily life they are organized and methodical, sometimes to the point of excess, in bed they are a whirlwind.

The Taurus provides your partner with security. That is why, when you trust in your partner’s love, your inhibitions disappear giving way to passion, fidelity and romanticism.

Faithful and loyal, Taurus will take great care in choosing his partner because, once committed, he will not go back and will tolerate many more things than other signs of the zodiac. For a Taurus, the romantic gift should be a basic component of the love relationship. His attentions will respond to the romantic spirit that encourages him, which is why it may seem somewhat old-fashioned in his displays. Her romantic side is one of her greatest attractions.

However, his obsession with order can be excessive and his attempt to control his partner’s life can be too much of a burden for the other person, who often finds it intolerable that Taurus assumes that what is good for him is also good for his partner. Too often, his desire for possession and control tends to frighten his lovers and chill the passion. Although he usually hides it, the jealousy and insecurities that torment him can make him explode at the most inopportune moment.

The most frequent defects in the native of Taurus are the greed, that can turn him into an obstinate accumulator, the envy by who owns more than him, the stubbornness that prevents him to recognize possible errors, the narrow mindedness that hinders the personal evolution by fear of a change in the state of the things and the sensual excesses.

The native should learn to be more open, not to fear opinions different from his own, to be less attached to the world made of ‘things’ and to exploit his great and genuine affective potential. Frequently, destiny, marked by stability, is distinguished by slow and lasting achievements; material fortune, pursued with tenacity, grows progressively, ensuring comfortable prosperity. Possible failures can be due to a lack of adaptation.

Anatomically, Taurus rules the mouth, neck, throat, vocal chords and the nape of the neck: there is also a predisposition to alterations due to a sedentary life and a too rich diet.

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