This ritual is for all those people who are recovering from an illness or suffer some physical pain that is difficult to eliminate.

3 candles: 1 orange. 1 white candle. 1 green

1 container to put the candles

Health oil

1 photo of yourself or personal item

1 glass with water.

Write your name – or the name of the sick person – on the 3 candles.

Place the 3 candles in a triangular shape on the container: the white candle at the top, on the side closest to you. The red candle on the right, the green candle on the left. In the centre, place the photo or object, also anointed with the health oil.

Then place a glass of water next to the candles. Light them one by one – always with 3 wooden matches – repeating the prayer:

I light this candle to achieve my restoration. I wish to receive the healing energy of the fire soon and to discharge all negativity and pain into the water.

Meditate for a few minutes, and visualize yourself with your health restored; take the glass with both hands and pour the water down the drain. This will help to remove the negative energy that is affecting you.

Let the candles burn out completely and store the remains in a place known only to you next to the picture or object.

Repeat every month until you are completely healed.