You need:

1 Saint Cyprian candle



Protective oil

St. Cyprian’s Powder

Holy water

1 small earthenware casserole

Write on the candle the name of the person you want to protect, or your own name if you do it for yourself – it’s more like drawing the name. You can do this with a toothpick for example). You should do this from the base of the candle to the wick.

In the pot, mix all the ingredients: sulphur, camphor, powder and oil.

Pour some holy water on your hands and rub the candle, asking St. Cyprian to protect you – almost all the candles have a prayer, so you can do it if you like. Do it three times in a row.

Put the candle inside the casserole and all the other ingredients already mixed, around it, at the foot of the candle.

Light the candle and continue to invoke the protection of this great protector.

Note: if the situation is very complicated, repeat this small ritual up to a total of 3 times.