There are typical disorders when a person is a victim of witchcraft, here we will see some of the symptoms that can indicate that “someone” did a witchcraft or spell on him……. unfortunately, this is much more common than we can believe, because evil and envy exist among humans since the night of time. The spell is a sending of negative energy to someone, in a totally deliberate way.

A person affected by witchcraft work is in grave danger, for it is not something that will ‘pass’ over time, but will instead increase, for as the physical forces decline, the ‘evil’ force will increase. This is easy to understand: a badly cured, untreated cold can lead to pneumonia. It will all depend on the physical strength of the person concerned, some taking longer than others.

The colour of the person’s skin is one of the most typical features although it is sometimes very difficult to notice. But if you notice a greyish colour on the skin, mainly on the face, that is already a very important indication that “something” is being done to him!

Thousands of problems. When everything seems to be going backwards instead of forwards and progressing. When it rains problems daily, and nothing seems to have a solution. When we can no longer!!!!

A lot of physical and mental fatigue. The most important thing is mental fatigue, because when one is a victim of witchcraft to harm us, our mind is exhausted much faster than our body, because of the internal struggle of energies that are produced in our organism when we unconsciously fight against the intruder.

Trembling hands. Although this occurs only in some cases, it is one of the symptoms that allow us to know that something strange is happening.

Forgetting about things. When a witchcraft is hurting us, it is very normal that we forget the simplest things, such as the place where a certain object has been left or what we had to do the next day.

That things in the home break down constantly and senselessly. This is something that happens very often, and more than a witchcraft, in these cases it means that there is a darkling (evil spirit) in the house.

When there is no glow in the eye. The lack of brightness in the eyes, plus the greyish colour in the skin and sometimes trembling in the hands, are clear symptoms of being possessed by a darkened or evil spirit. In these cases urgent action is required!

A surprising distance. When a couple, for example, ends drastically and without logical explanation, it is in 90 percent of the cases that “someone” did a witchcraft to separate them.

Everything collapses. If you notice that everything collapses in a short time and you don’t find a solution to something that seemed simple, you are a victim of witchcraft.

There are many other indications that can make us doubt whether a person is a victim of witchcraft, but it is not good to suggest that either. In any of the cases mentioned above, it is necessary to consult first to know if one is indeed a victim of a witchcraft or not! And to consult means to resort to a good professional who through the tarot, can inform in a clear way and with total security, if we are being victims of a work of magic or on the contrary, we are victims of our own suggestion.

For all those who are interested in all these subjects, you will find more information in the course of white magic of ‘bewitchment and disenchantment’.

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