Piscis sign of the horoscope

20 February – 20 March

Water sign. Mobile. Female.

Symbolism: the Fish

Regent: Neptune

Key phrase: I CREATE


The twelfth sign completes the zodiacal cycle. As for the cycle of the seasons, winter softens, getting closer to spring again, nature boils of hidden life waiting for the explosion of spring. Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, represents the ultimate values of man, the highest and most difficult to reach; the goodness of mind capable of an indiscriminate love that embraces the whole universe, through mysticism and religious and philosophical spirit, but also with the benevolence of the heart and a quick disposition to help those who suffer and share their torments intimately.

The water of Pisces evokes the incessant movement of the waves of the sea, the abyssal depths of the oceans inhabited by fantastic creatures. Like a sponge, the native of Pisces absorbs the moods of the surrounding environment, immerses himself in the flow of emotions that pass through him, whose feelings, joys and sorrows, he takes over.

Extraordinarily sensitive and delicate, emotional and anxious, influenceable and dubious in the face of action, he allows himself to be convinced and easily led, either by laziness and unconcern or by a certain aversion to responsibility; with an unstable mood and will, he is often elusive and ungraspable in his behaviour, not very coherent and sometimes ambiguous.

He lets himself be carried away by ephemeral whims and passing suggestions. He needs security and encouragement to persevere in his efforts. He does not like situations and work that are too rigid and definitive, preferring to live in a somewhat provisional, disorderly manner that allows him to follow the inspiration of the moment. Intuition is one of his key characteristics: it is a real sixth sense that leads the native to make very good decisions, to take fortunate steps that compensate for his lack of dynamism and lack of courage, often saving him in critical situations.

This intuition allows him to guess the thoughts and desires of his fellow human beings: Pisces identifies very easily with the moods of others and that is why he is so understanding and supportive of those who need his help, willingly sacrificing himself for others, even outside his emotional and family environment.

Because of his willingness to serve and his flexible disposition, he can let himself be exploited, although he also has the ability to take advantage of favourable opportunities, almost without realising it. He is gifted with a great imagination and an unbridled fantasy, and is inclined to weave for his existence dream plots in which he takes refuge when the limits of daily reality become too narrow for his longing for infinity, that is, when practical circumstances demand too much of him.

Being little inclined to precise reasoning, to continuous application, he is rather irrational in his way of proceeding, alternating moments of great enthusiasm with others of laziness and lack of interest. For this reason his destiny is often fluctuating, subject to ups and downs, and his ambition is not sufficiently developed or sustained by great strength of purpose. Luck is the greatest accomplice to his success and the material prosperity he often enjoys.

Spiritualism and love of material pleasures, exasperated altruism, and careful selfishness in the protection of his interests, all coexist in the native Piscean. On the other hand, being of a peaceful disposition, he may tend to renounce and withdraw too submissively.

Yet he is often driven to tearful self-pity, recriminations, self-criticism and regrets when he feels that he cannot cope alone. Being overly influential, he risks becoming an instrument of the will of others, indecision can lead him to be irresolute and scattered, unrealism leads to a systematic flight from reality.

Pisces was born for love and is ready to live all the affective experiences that life offers her, and her natural predisposition for the questions of the heart makes an irresistible charm emanate from her.

Pisces is one of the most generous signs of the whole zodiac: he always finds more pleasure in giving than in receiving and his intuition guides him accurately to know what his partner wants and needs in every moment.

In love with love, he lives relationships with great intensity, savoring every moment, however, he will never be in a hurry to reach the sexual encounter, since what is really important for him are the preludes and he will do everything possible to extend the stage of the romance.

The couple of a native of this sign, will be surrounded by a whole network of kisses, caresses, surprises, attention … until the day he realizes that he has been imprisoned by the nets wisely deployed.

His natural generosity leads him to hurt himself rather than the person he loves, which will lead him to end many relationships with a wounded heart. His insecurity leads him to experience the most terrible jealousies, which can result in unpleasant scenes.

Influential, Pisces often meet people who are not at all suitable for them and who do not deserve the absolute devotion he will give them, and from these relationships he often comes away broken, with the impression that the paradise he thought he had found has become the most horrific of hells. His loving passion can easily become addictive and his proverbial insecurity will make his partner have to assure him – and show him – again and again the strength of his love.

Sensual and passionate, playful and erotic, Pisces people desire first and foremost spiritual union, i.e. to caress the body by kissing the soul. Totally devoted to their partner, they need to feel reciprocated in the same way.

Anatomically, Pisces is equivalent to feet, so it is related to all the disorders that can affect them. It also corresponds to the mucous membranes and the lymphatic and immune system. It tends to states of depression and anxiety.

Positive Features





Willing to sacrifice



Music lover


Negative Features





Emotionally repressed


Not very practical


You feel misunderstood