Tarot and Numerology The Hermit

Beyond the use as reading of the arcana in the usual rolls, this sacred oracle also serves us and gives us one of the keys to help us in life.

I believe that almost all of us are very clear that nothing in life is due to chance. And that includes our birth. That is, the date of our birth. And in this sense the tarot arcana – the major arcana evidently – gives us a clue, a key, a path to follow, which can be of great use to us.

For this we must add up our date of birth.

For example, for a person born on October 2nd, 1986, it would be: 2 +1+0+1+9+8+6: 27

As the arcana only reach 21, we must reduce

2 +7:9

In this case your personal arcane would be number 9. The Hermit.

Each person must seriously reflect on the arcane of his destiny. Because although it is the same arcane for many people, of course, for each one there will be a particular shade on which to lean. Or to avoid.

Thus, for example, those whose arcane is the HERMITAGE is an indication that their path should be made with the utmost prudence and reflection. Fleeing from hasty decisions.

If the corresponding arcane were, for example, the CHART – arcane 7 – it is indicative that the path to success, to evolution, must be made through precise and meditated choices, because it is oneself who holds the reins of the chariot of life.

If the personal arcane, for example, were the FORCE, this would indicate that success would come through a conduct, a courageous but at the same time intelligent attitude.

If the personal arcane were, for example, the MOON, that person should pay special attention to fleeing from everything that sounds like a lie or confusion, in order to accentuate his more intuitive side.

If the personal arcane were, for example, the TOWER, the main message is that he should keep himself very much from anything that resounds of excessive ambition, be it in the field that it is.

So, and leaving aside everything that has to do with ‘divination’, once again the immense wisdom of this sacred oracle is demonstrated, which guides, advises, indicates, warns, but never, ever, sentences