It is the ritual to be performed when we know for sure that a person wants us badly. And it is to leave us in peace and eliminate the consequences of their attitude. We do not have the right to attack anyone, but we do have the right to defend ourselves. With this ritual nothing will happen to the person in question, but we will get rid of him and his influence.

1 black skull

Parchment paper

1 oil wins curse or similar

1 destructive dust

Black pins

1 large wide-mouth bottle

Black salt

Intake cover powder

Some object belonging to the person who has hurt us. If not, a piece of paper with his or her name on it.


Magic black ink (best war ink)

1 lead

Protection incense.

Charcoal (for incense)

Before starting the ritual, sahúme the place where you will do it with the incense and coals.

Identify the candle (the skull) with the name of the person, with the help of a toothpick. Spread destructive oil on the skull and let it rest. On the top of the skull make a hole near the wick (i.e. a hole) where you will insert the lead and destructive dust. Place the candle on a plate and light it.

Meanwhile, in the wide-mouth jar, put the parchment paper with the person’s name on it, pour in the rest of the products – including any oil left over from before). Leave the jar on the right side of the candle until it is consumed.

For 7 days, pour a few drops of your own urine into the jar, (this is ideal for cutting up bad jobs).

After 21 days, dispose of the candle and the bottle in a dark container away from your home, where it should not be left for at least a month.