Would you like to have your own wishing well? Here I show you how to make it; you will see how simple it is and what good results it gives.

You will need a clay bowl and some rainwater, or if not, mineral water to which you will add a little salt.

Put the stone or quartz of your zodiacal sign inside it, to personify it and to ritualize it you only need to put 3 candles – or candles, even better – in the shape of a triangle, with the vertex upwards, the colour of your zodiacal sign. You can write your name or draw your sign on the candle or candles.

From now on, all you have to do is, with a coin in your hand, think intensely about your wish and throw it into the well.

This ritual should be done on the first day of the year, or if not, on our birthday. And it is recommended to ritualise it – that is, to charge it with power – on the solstices and equinoxes.

When your well has a lot of coins, allocate them to some charity.

ARIES: red colour

Stone: garnet, bloodstone

TAURO: green colour

Stone: jade, lapis lazuli

GEMINIS: lilac colour

Stone: agate. Venturine, tiger’s eye

CANCER: white

Stone: Moonstone, White quartz

LEO: yellow colour

Stone: tiger’s eye. Citrine quartz.

VIRGO: grey colour

Stone: green quartz. Agate

BOOK: pink colour

Stone: rose quartz.

SCORPIO: garnet colour

Stone: Sardinian jasper. Ruby.

SAGITTARIUS: colour blue

Stone: turquoise, amethyst


Stone: snowy obsidian. Onyx

AQUARIUM: brown colour

Stone: aquamarine. Turquoise

PISCIS: light blue.