The evil eye is the product of a negative and unconscious reaction – sometimes not so unconscious – by one person to another; a person who feeds malevolent feelings towards another person or living being. (Remember that an evil eye can also be sent towards animals or plants)

A word, a powerful desire, envy, and above all, our own insecurities can have harmful effects on us as well as harming the community. Our first contact with our environment is through our eyes, which is why they say that a look is worth a thousand words, and it is true. Eyes give away a person: whether they are peaceful or aggressive; whether they are flirtatious or simple; whether they are angry or envious; whether they are shy or provocative.

No wonder, then, that the eye has, since time immemorial, been regarded as the main transmitter of either positive or negative energies from the human soul. There have been protectors of envy since time immemorial, such as the eye of Cassiopeia, the eye of Horus, the cross of Caravaca, etc., for since the world is world, there have been Cain and Abel, black and white, light and shadow, love and hate.

Sight is the organ that can channel the most power because of its correspondence with the liver where all the anger and frustration, sympathy and trust are accumulated. Through the eyes we can transmit these emotions and often even unconsciously. If we fall in love, our eyes shine with light, the mother’s tenderness is perceived in the look on the baby, the filter of anger is reflected in the sparks that fly from our eyes, and in the face of envy, the expression becomes cloudy, the light darkens and the eyelids narrow like a cat ready to attack in the night.

Although some people deny its existence, it is a truth that cannot be denied. But it is not a curse. The evil eye is actually a disease of the aura, caused by external vibrations.

Obviously, some people are more prone than others to this contagion, either because of their special sensitivity, or because for some reason – physical illness, various problems – their aura protection is weakened.

Their most obvious symptoms are:

A generalised discomfort that starts with agitation, tiredness, bad spells without justified reason, in all the matters we are dealing with and that is growing, accumulating discomfort and annoyance.

It is usually accompanied by unusual physical problems.

How does this happen?

Simple. Through an assimilation of harmful energy transmitted by another person, whether it is provoked voluntarily or involuntarily.

It may be that the provoker is unaware of his own power and is most likely unaware of his own desires or envy, but that does not mean that he is not also the cause.

There are some symptoms that are indicative of the provoked evil eye:


There are 4 very defined symptoms:

  • Continuous crying (without any apparent cause).
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Insomnia (they usually wake up at night).
  • Irritability.



2.-Negative repetitive dreams and nightmares.

3.-Sleeplessness during sleep (they wake up with a feeling of gazing and being overwhelmed)

4.-Weight and tightness in the chest either in sleep or awake.

5.-Pressure in the throat from a dream that occurred in the last hours of the night. Always in this case the awakening is startled by the pressure in the throat.

6.-Nervous tension. A state of nervousness and generalised anxiety, but it should be borne in mind that more than one symptom should be present in addition to this one.

7.-Lack of energy. He is in a very low state of energy and is usually tired.


9.- Dizziness and dizziness

10.- Confused mind: not understanding simple things, forgetfulness, feeling of dullness. Loss of memory

11.- Nausea, and vomiting and lack of appetite

13.- Sexual inappetence.

And in general: Sadness, crying, headaches, stomach and backaches above all. Nervous tension and lack of concentration are very symptomatic characteristics. In addition, doctors do not find any justified reason for these states, and evidently, from there, we already have the breeding ground for relationship problems, with sequels such as impotence or sexual inappetence. Dizziness, loss of memory. The lack of interest in life appears on the scene, and as a consequence there are work and economic problems, all of which are spiced up with enormous family disputes. The result is a personal crisis, in which the most difficult thing is to detect the cause. In a word, the person has lost his usual energetic vibration and everything turns against him.

But be careful: The fact that we recognise ourselves in some of these symptoms does not mean that we are caught by the evil eye; many of these characteristics must coincide and yet we must make sure that the accommodation has been produced and for this the best thing is to go to a good specialist. And if he really confirms the evil eye, then proceed to remove this ‘virus’ that is blocking our whole life.

The evil eye is a problem – a disease – a very serious one. And if the person does not listen to it, denies it, he or she can be absorbed little by little into a spiral of negativity and bad luck. Like every disease – in this case, let’s say spiritual – the evil eye has a cure, and the sooner it is treated and eliminated, the better it will be. When it is chronic, it is much more difficult to eliminate.

For those who wish to know more about these subjects, I recommend my ‘Bewitching and Disenchantment’ courses where you will learn not only the symptoms, but also the causes, the different types of evil eye and also how to detect them and above all, how to cure them.

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