1 doll (representing the person to be removed)

1 white man candle (representing his partner)

3 candles to keep away

1 black ritual ribbon

1 separation oil

1 separation vinegar

Black salt

Flying pepper

Parchment paper

Identify the dummy by writing the initials of the person. Dip it in oil and vinegar. Tie it with the ritual tape making 7 knots. Leave it to rest on a plate, near the candles on which you have written the name of the person you want to disappear.

Place this plate at one end of the table and at the other end place the candle in a way that represents the man you want to separate from that person (write his name on the candle with a toothpick). Spread the oil on the candle and let it rest.

Make a path between the two groups of candles with the black salt and the flying pepper. On the parchment paper – cut into small pieces – you will write the reasons why you want these two people to be separated. Place the pieces on that path. Light all the papers on the path one by one – with the flame of the candles away. Collect all the remains wrapped in something dark, make 7 knots with the black tape and throw them in a container away from your house, which will not be used again for at least a month. The only thing you need to keep in the freezer is the remains of the man candle, in case any intentions or feelings towards the other person are left in it.