20 January – 19 February

Air sign. Fixed. Male.

Symbolism: the Water carrier

Regent: Uranus

Key phrase: I KNOW


The eleventh sign of the zodiac corresponds to the heart of winter: the air, due to the cold, is penetrating and stale, nature is frozen and apparently immobile, but below ground small plants are developing, promises of future life.

The air, to which the sign of Aquarius belongs, is a symbol of unlimited availability and adaptability: it is the air traversed by the invisible waves of communication, which keeps the creatures of the world in touch. In fact, Aquarius is a symbol of knowledge; the water that flows from the amphora in an undulating waterfall is not intended to quench the body’s thirst, but to quench that of the spirit. The native of Aquarius is not matter, it is realised by offering itself to others.

Obviously, such a high symbolism cannot be related to a common casuistry: not all of us are capable of loving our neighbour in such an altruistic way that we can only fulfil ourselves through this universal love. The native of Aquarius is a very independent, imaginative, easy-going person, who lives immersed in the present but projected towards the future, seduced by everything that is new and unusual, eager to express himself in an original way, to live according to his very personal tastes and demands, so as never to feel closed in on the banal limits of everyday life.

Utopia is the magic word that opens the most unsuspected horizons. Realism doesn’t even border on it, as it considers it capable of ruining her splendid conceptions. He follows only his aspirations, he feels different from others, which is in clear disagreement with the humanitarian idealism he sincerely professes, but which is difficult to put into practice.

In this case, it is not motives or material interests that hold him back, but his tendency to keep a certain distance from others, even from the situations he has created, a tendency that often leads him to avoid too many responsibilities that would take away his coveted and unrenounceable freedom. Sociable and cordial, he is not very expansive and almost elusive: not very emotional, he has something enigmatic, difficult to decipher; he likes to surprise, to distinguish himself, he does not want to be defined or pigeonholed, and even less to ‘give himself’ completely to another person.

Although rational, he is the victim of sudden mood swings, sudden changes in desires or opinions. It is a brain moved by many interests, human and intellectual; the feelings are tenacious although little showy, marked mainly by the friendship, the spiritual and intellectual harmony, occupying a second place the authentic passion and the most affective and romantic side of the love.

He has a peculiar and eclectic mind, an unbridled imagination and a tendency to discover, invent and demonstrate his theories, which are sometimes brilliant and sometimes too extravagant to be put into practice. When he has to choose the path to follow, idealistic convictions or other aspirations of a renovating nature are often decisive; he devotes himself with tenacity, even if irregularly, to his objectives, among which material success is in a subordinate position with respect to previous success: he will always prefer to be able to live according to his ideals, his style, his tastes and, above all, keep his freedom intact. The positive traits of the sign of Aquarius are the most difficult to translate into everyday life.

On the other hand, humanitarian values can come to nothing, in simple aspirations and the native can come to an agreement with his own morality, showing a skilful opportunism, to say the least. The drive for renewal can end up taking on the role of provocation, conviction in one’s own ideas can lead to intransigence and controversy, and the love of independence can end up being comfortable selfishness.

As a good air sign, for Aquarius love is both a mental and a physical matter. A relationship will begin first in your mind and then in your body. As he is an idealist and often has multiple intellectual concerns, sex for this native, will occupy an important but often secondary place and complementary to a deeper feeling.

What he values most in a relationship is freedom, both for himself and for his partner. Neither jealous nor possessive, he understands the couple as an equal relationship, where both share tasks and decisions.

Romantic by nature, he knows how to listen to his partner, taking a real interest in the problems she exposes and trying to solve them. However, he is much quieter and more reserved about his own.

It is such an independent sign that it may be that his distant attitude can be interpreted as indifference. However, his great fantasy makes him an ideal lover who does not shy away from erotic games with his partner.

Anatomically, the sign of Aquarius corresponds to the ankles and the calves; besides governing the circulation and the blood composition, it is also related to the nervous system. The most common disorders are circulatory disorders.

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