WHITE: this colour develops the positive in each person, the elements that contribute to giving stability. It brings peace to people to such an extent that it can even serve to reconcile us with a friend or family member (another colour is used for love affairs).

Its power is based on keeping negative thoughts away from us to avoid harm, resentment, mistrust, envy etc.

The white candle also has the important role of a joker. In other words, when in doubt as to which colour to choose, or if for one reason or another we do not have the right colour, always choose white.

RED: the colour of love and passion. Of fire but also of madness. It refers to sexuality and physical vigour.

This colour leads us to develop, to take out of us the instinct and the passion. That is why some people consider it a violent colour, because sometimes instincts cannot be controlled.

It is the colour to use in love rituals.

VIOLET: it is the colour of spirituality. Ideal for meditation. It is the colour associated with the violet flame of SAINT GERMAIN and with transmutation. That is to say, it is the colour that helps us to change feelings for others in an inner work. For example, transmuting – changing – insecurity for personal security.

BLUE: Blue symbolises wisdom, the knowledge that comes from those above, from the elders, from those who have learned day by day. And it is precisely because it is a symbol of wisdom that the energies released by the blue candles give us security and confidence. It is therefore the colour to be used by all those who have to study or who need to keep their minds active.

Blue also symbolises health – along with the colour green, of course – which is why it is a very suitable colour for health rituals both for us and for our loved ones.

This colour – in its lighter shades – also symbolises spirituality, so it is the colour to choose for meditating, concentrating and trying to ‘connect’ with our deepest self.

GREEN: is the colour of money, work, business, economic prosperity. And therefore, it refers to success in general.

This colour speaks to us of creativity, but also of self-improvement. It brings harmony, tranquillity, satisfaction, calm and peace

In chromotherapy – the healing by colours – the soft green colour is widely used to combat depression.

And green, associated with the archangel Raphael – health – is therefore the colour used in health rituals.

And finally, let’s not forget that green, associated with nature, is also the colour of hope.

YELLOW: yellow is the colour of the sun. It is a positive colour that speaks to us of well-being, wealth, fortune, opulence and business.

Yellow is the colour of gold, which is why the vibrations that yellow gives us are always positive and fill us with satisfaction.

Yellow is the colour to use in money and prosperity rituals because of its symbolism with gold: money and the sun: successes.

TELURO: is a slightly darker yellow colour. It is a bridge tone, subtle and good for human relations. It develops people’s intuition because it is related to the forces of nature.

It is also linked to generosity and leadership.

ORANGE: because of its similarity to red, orange is also attributed with qualities of energy, vitality and dynamism.

They are used in those rituals where it is necessary to give a ‘push’, in things that seem to be a bit stopped or blocked. It is also good for business and studies.

It is not a colour that is widely used in health matters, but since it speaks of vitality, it is a colour not to be forgotten when people are ‘out of batteries’.

PINK: colour associated to the goddess Venus, and if there is a colour par excellence that speaks of love, this is undoubtedly the colour pink.

However, pink is not the colour of passionate or sexual love. Pink is the colour linked to affection, sensitivity, romanticism, affections in friendship and family ties.

Pink is a colour that makes us feel good and fills us with kindness and charity, with the desire to help others.

It is a colour that develops creativity and calms all those negative feelings that exist within us.

Together with white, pink is a colour that can be used outside of any ritual, simply because of the desire to bring peace and harmony to the place where it is worn.

GREY: its use is not very frequent. In general it is used on those occasions or rituals where it is necessary to introduce a hint of sweetness, harmony and tranquillity.

BLACK: in principle this colour has negative connotations due to its use in black magic.

But black does not necessarily mean negativity. It is often necessary to use this colour because it absorbs negativity from both people and places. That is why it is one of the most used colours as a ‘sponge’ in cleaning rituals. The only precaution is to put white candles afterwards.

Black is also a colour to use when it means ‘the bad’ to banish, for example, a habit we want to get rid of.

When using black candles, it is advisable to always anoint them with mandrake oil.

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