Hello friends,

Welcome to this section of RITUALS. Here you will find, classified by theme, rituals to solve some of the many problems and concerns that we all have throughout our lives. We are going to use white magic.

If we were to ask ourselves what magic means, one way to define it would be simply to say that magic is the art of using the relations between the visible and invisible worlds for some specific purpose, the art of mastering the forces of nature, of helping, extending or diverting the pre-established flow of events according to one’s own desire.

You might ask, is it lawful to resort to magic, and could there be negative consequences? Let’s go by parts then. Of course it is lawful and acceptable to resort to magic. But only to white magic, that is to say, to help oneself but without harming anyone. We have every right to get a better job – for example – and to fight and strive for it. And to ask for it again and again until we get it. That’s white magic. The union of energies and our own willpower and perseverance, projected into the universe through rituals – candles, incense, oils, prayers, etc. What would not be morally acceptable is if instead of asking ‘I want to get better at my work’ you asked ‘let so-and-so go and take his place’. That would already be manipulation, and from there to black magic – negative – there is only one step. We can never harm someone to achieve our ends. Never.

In the same way that when we are sick, we go to the doctor, we take medicine, or we go to the specialist, and in the end, we move to solve a problem, because in the same way we resort to magic and its ‘medicines’ to solve other problems that are not physical.

Resorting to magic is also recommended as prevention. Let me explain: Even in the case of not having a serious problem, what’s wrong with trying to improve a situation that’s not bad, okay, but it can be better? I will honestly tell you that many times I compare the esoteric world with creams. Perhaps, at first, you don’t notice the results much, just as a cream will hardly remove those little wrinkles that bother us so much, but after a few months… as we see improvement in the skin and how happy we are that we didn’t wait until the situation was dramatic. Once again, we can apply the saying ‘better safe than sorry’.

Personally, I’m a bath ‘addict’ – of discharge and attraction – because I’ve seen that they are extremely effective, especially in prevention, and just as we all clean our physical body, few people remember that the astral body must also be cleaned: the energies also ‘get dirty’, they are ‘charged’ both by our own vibrations and by those of others

A clean astral body is the open way to avoid blockages and that what is prescribed for us, happens as soon as possible.

As far as possible, try to always use good quality products. The magic must be done with products as close to nature as possible. Therefore, avoid using products that contain any ingredients from animals. It is highly inadvisable.

Remember also that when you make a request to the universe, it is because you want it badly. You cannot play ‘test’. Magic is not a game. In magic you work with energy, with desire, with your will power and above all with perseverance. Imagine for example that you want your partner to come back to you, it is your greatest desire, your need… and for that you put a flea market candle… What do you think will happen? What message are you sending to the cosmos, do you value your partner at that price? Of course, I am not here talking about money itself, each one knows what he can and cannot do; but rather what I want to indicate is that we have to demonstrate in some way that what we are asking for is highly important to us, each one according to his personal possibilities. Always remember that more is worth little, but good quality, than much, but bad.

I will never tire of advising you, therefore, to always use good quality products. Never forget, before and after a ritual, to take baths to discharge any residual energy. Think also of incense and incense burners, which are indispensable in magic. And remember that every good work, every ritual, must be composed of the 4 elements: fire, earth, water, air.

Lighting a candle for a ritual is not just the gesture of lighting it and that’s it. It is a whole physical and mental process. Therefore, it is necessary to be in a good mental disposition, calm, and concentrated; without any hurry. The body must be physically clean, the hair must be loose and if possible, barefoot, dressed in comfortable, light and if possible not synthetic clothes. The success of a good ritual is concentration and visualization. It is necessary to ‘see’ literally that what we are going to ask has already been granted, has been carried out. We must ask and project in the present. And of course, candles and incense should be lit only with wooden matches.

Things are either done right or better not at all.

And above all, keep in mind the LUNAR PHASES: always, always, the waxing moon – the one that goes from the new moon to the full moon – for everything you want to see increase in your life: love, health, prosperity… The waning moon – that goes from the full moon to the new moon – for everything you want to take away from your life: envy, evil eye, negativity, bad luck…

Be careful too, if you want to design your own rituals, or modify the ones I give you here, by choosing the right colour of candles.

White: is used to clean and purify. It is above all spiritual. It is also a ‘wild card’ candle because when we are missing a colour or we are not sure which one is appropriate, this is the colour to choose without a doubt.

Yellow: for money and economic prosperity rituals. And in general where there is a need for a touch of the sun.

Orange: colour of dynamism, of drive. To be used in everything that you want to stimulate, project, unblock. It is also good for business and studies.

Red: for love. Passion. Sexuality. Also for everything that requires a great initial push, as well as in rituals for courage and self-esteem.

Blue: for meditation and concentration. It also promotes mental clarity, which is good for studies. It is also the colour to use for contact with the spiritual world

Violet: for the transmutation of all that is negative Ideal for those who wish to meditate on their own evolution.

Green: helps to undertake new work and projects. For many authors this is the colour to choose in matters of love, not passion, but to make the couple more concrete.

Pink: friendship. Good family and work relationships.

Silver: because of its colour, it can be included in prosperity rituals. Some authors also use it as protection against the evil eye and against gossip.

Gold: because of its colour, it is also used in prosperity rituals, it also favours good health, and helps the success of our projects.

In case it could be useful, here I indicate the colours associated with the zodiacal signs, although bear in mind that in this subject, there is diversity of opinions, and here, never better said ‘each master has his booklet’.

Aries: red

Taurus: green

Gemini: lilac

Cancer: white

Leo: yellow

Virgo: purple

Libra: pink

Scorpio: orange

Sagittarius: blue

Capricorn: black

Aquarium: brown

Pisces: blue

And for those who feel the need to deepen their knowledge in this magical and fascinating world, I refer you to the section of the courses where you will find everything you need for those who wish to do so.

And one last recommendation: magic exists. Magic works. You can’t play ‘see if…’ meditate very well on your desire and its possible implications and never forget that: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR, LEST IT BE GRANTED TO YOU.