4 eucalyptus cones

Eucalyptus, cedarwood and rosemary essential oils

Red rose petals.

A sprig of rosemary


A copper pot

A white cloth bag. Son and needle.

Make a bag with a clean white piece of cloth. Hilvane with white thread.

Put inside the eucalyptus cones, the rose petals and the rosemary twig.

On the other hand, fill the pot with water and add 4 drops of each of the essential oils. Leave on the heat until it boils and then immerse the closed bag. Remove from the fire and take a few breaths while repeating: Saint Martial, Saint Martial, for God and Christ’s sake, keep me from all evil. Take away the sickness from me and give me the gift to remain lucid till the end of my days. Thank you. Amen.

Then remove the bag from the water and rub it gently on the skin of your whole body.