Although it is usually the forgotten one, incense is one of the essential items in any ritual since through it, our petitions, symbolized by smoke – air element – are sent to the universe, or to a specific entity.

Incense not only serves to ‘create atmosphere’, but is also a quick way to eliminate negativity, to attract peace, to attract money or health… since ancient times, all peoples, all civilizations have used incense to communicate with their divinities. Including, of course, the Catholic Church. The aroma of incense and incense burners is pleasing to divine entities and even a particular aroma is attributed to certain saints; we all know, of course, that if one wants to invoke or ask something of St. Pancras, the aroma of parsley – and green candles – is the most suitable, as it is pleasing to him.

Therefore, one must know which incense is suitable for which case. Incense and its scents, as well as candles and their colours, should not be used foolishly, and here, as in all things in life, we must know which is the most suitable in order to use them in our favour. And, above all, so as not to produce the opposite effect to the one desired.

The best incenses are those in grain and powder form which are burned with charcoal as they are pure and close to nature, but stick incenses are more practical and quicker to use. And, of course, incense should always be lit with wooden matches.

Incense for health requests:

Gardenia. Clove. Lotus. Lemon. Pine. Myrrh Jasmine Orange blossom Eucalyptus Rosemary geranium Incense

Incense for economic requests:

Strawberry. Cedar. Violet. Sandalwood. Opium. Magnolia. Mimosa. Mugwort. Laurel. Cinnamon.

Incense for sentimental requests:

Musk. Cinnamon. Carnation. Musk. Honeysuckle. Basil. Mimosa. Lavender. Rose

Incense for protection requests:

Coconut. Estoraque. Lavender. Vanilla. Lemon. Rosemary Thyme Rue. Benzoin. Incense. Lemon

Incense can be burned 24 hours a day, but of course there are more appropriate hours for each particular purpose.

To purify a business or a house, the first hours of the day are best, until noon. For economic requests, the hours from noon to sunset are better. For sentimental requests, the evening hours are better – attention to the lunar phases – and for health requests, any time is good.

You will find various rituals whose main ingredients are incense under the appropriate headings, in this section of rituals: love, money, health, protection.

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