New Moon: This phase marks the birth of a lunation and therefore will be the optimal time to initiate a new purpose, shaping it in our mind to move into practice during the opening cycle. The mind is more receptive so it is ideal for meditation and finding answers to the questions that concern us. The darkest night of the lunar month invites introversion to connect with our inner self. We must now plant the seeds of what we will do in the more or less immediate future.

Biologically the body is more willing to detoxify itself; any purpose of abandoning a bad habit and doing something good for our health will have a very good effect. It is also the ideal time to fast in order to purify the body if it is done regularly and without abuse.

In magic, the new moon is not much used, but it is nevertheless the ideal phase to do cleansings and discharges in order to distribute towards a new cycle.

Rising Moon: These fourteen days are ideal to initiate any project that we wish to prosper, to grow in intensity and importance. It is an optimal phase for strengthening treatments, for the body to assimilate vitamins or to nourish us, whether on a physical, spiritual or mental level. What is started now will be charged with strength. We must dedicate ourselves to doing or taking what is beneficial to us, because as it is an influence that grows in intensity, what is harmful to us will also grow in intensity in this phase. If we operate on ourselves, the bleeding will be greater, if we abuse our food, we will put on weight more easily and also retain more liquids, if we cut our hair, it will grow faster, etc.

In magic, the crescent moon is used for all those rituals whose purpose is to increase or attract people or situations to us. The closer we are to the new moon – once it has passed, of course – the more strength and momentum our work will have.

Full moon: It is conducive to sex, fertility, and attraction between couples, as we find ourselves more excited in this phase that invites externalisation. The senses are more awake and any purpose can be quickly fulfilled. Also creativity, intuition and the extrasensory faculties are sharpened. The body assimilates more quickly and intensively, so it absorbs and retains more fluids. This is a phase that is not advisable for any operation, cut or vaccination, because the wounds heal worse and bleed more intensely.

In magic, this phase is used to enhance already performed rituals or for urgent requests. A love date in this phase, enhanced by an appropriate rite… leads directly to the seventh moon.

Waning Moon: The fourteen days when the moon wanes mark the decline of the cycle. Ideal for carrying out what we want to see finished in the most effective and quickest way. It is a time to throw away, to discard, to use our energies in letting go of what we have already assimilated, in order to empty ourselves and enter the next new cycle ready to be nourished by the new after having discarded the expired. This is the ideal two weeks to eliminate toxins, carry out slimming treatments and have surgery, as the bleeding will be less at this stage. We will also notice that even if we eat the same thing, we don’t put on so much weight, so we can take advantage of this to indulge in those little gastronomic whims that are best deferred in the growing phase.

In magic the waning moon is used for all those works and rituals whose purpose is to take away from us people or annoying situations. Everything we want to see go out and disappear from our lives. Also for all separation rituals.

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