Unfortunately, there are times when a person does us wrong. We can in no way repay that damage, but it is our right, our duty and I would say even our obligation, to defend ourselves. So this ritual is for that person to stop hurting us, but without any harm happening to him/her, at least not on our part.

You need:
1 large and thick nail of about 10 cm
Black Magic Ink
Anti-spell extract
Black salt
Potting soil
1 black candle
1 pot
1 hammer

Write down with the black ink the name of the person who is hurting you on the nail, starting from the head of the nail. Let it dry and then smear it with the extract.
Fill the pot with the soil

Light the black candle and smear it with a little of the extract. You take the nail and the hammer and ‘nail’ it hard into the potting soil while saying… you (the name of that person) are ordered to leave me alone and never cross my path again. Just as this nail is driven into the ground, so you will be driven into it every time you want to do something against me.
Add the rest of the extract and the black salt on top of that soil. Let the candle consume.
Then wrap that pot in something black and keep it until that person is totally gone from your life.

After that you can throw it away.

If you wish, you can ask some spiritual entity to help you in this purpose.