To understand why some signs have more affinities with some and not with others, first of all, we must talk a little about the different personalities or ways of seeing life innate and different according to the sign of birth. But the Ascendant and the position of the Moon also have a great influence.

So to begin with you have to learn to distinguish between them:

Cardinal Signs: LEADERS
Aries. Cancer. Libra. Capricorn

Fixed signs: ORGANISERS
Taurus Leo. Scorpio. Aquarius

Gemini. Virgo. Sagittarius. Pisces.

Positive or masculine signs: AGGRESSIVE, IDEALISTIC. DYNAMIC.
Aries. Gemini. Leo. Libra. Sagittarius. Aquarius.

Negative or feminine signs: RESERVED, STRATEGICAL, REFLECTIVE.
Taurus. Cancer. Virgo. Scorpio. Capricorn. Pisces.

Signs of fire: INSPIRATIONAL
Aries: cardinal fire
Leo: fixed fire
Sagittarius: mutable fire

Air signs: MENTAL
Libra: cardinal air
Aquarium: fixed air
Gemini: changing air

Earth signs: MATERIALS
Capricorn: cardinal earth
Taurus: fixed ground
Virgo: mutable soil

Water Signs: SENSITIVE
Cancer: cardinal water
Scorpio: fixed water
Pisces: mutable water.

Or to put it another way:

ARIES: Fire. Positive. Masculine. Cardinal
They are inspirational leaders. Aggressive. Dynamic. Idealistic.

TAURUS: Earthy. Negative. Feminine. Fixed
They are reserved organizers. Reflective. Strategists.

GEMINIS: Air. Positive. Male. Mutable
They are mental communicators. Aggressive. Dynamic. Idealistic.

CANCER: Water. Negative. Feminine. Cardinal
They are sensitive leaders. Reserved. Reflective. Strategists.

LEO: Fire. Positive. Masculine. Fixed
They are inspiring organizers. Aggressive. Dynamic. Idealistic.

VIRGO: Earth. Negative. Feminine. Mutable
They are reserved communicators. Reflective. Strategists.

BOOK: Air. Positive. Male. Cardinal
They are mental leaders. Aggressive. Dynamic. Idealists

SCORPIO: Water. Negative. Female. Fixed
They are sensitive organizers. Reserved. Thoughtful. Strategists.

SAGITTARIUS: Fire. Positive. Masculine. Mutable
They are inspirational communicators. Aggressive. Dynamic. Idealistic.

CAPRICORN: Earth. Negative. Feminine. Cardinal.
They are reserved leaders. Reflective. Strategists.

AQUARIUS: Air. Positive. Masculine. Fixed
They are mental organizers. Aggressive. Dynamic. Idealist

PISCIS: Water. Negative. Female. Mutable
They are sensitive communicators. Reserved. Reflective. Strategists.

Signs of FIRE: Aries. I read. Sagittarius
Fire combines very well with fire and air. But it needs a lot of tolerance to combine well with earth and water which you will find too slow, cautious and timid. This means that the earth and water will always feel pushed to act before they are ready.
It is a very difficult combination, unless other planets in the birth chart make the fires less impulsive and the land and water a little faster and more determined. Remember that for the fire to ‘live, grow’ it needs the oxygen provided by the air. Without air, the fire goes out.

Signs of AIR: Gemini. Pound. Aquarius
Air combines very well with air and fire. But it needs a lot of tolerance to combine well with earth and water which you will find too slow, cautious and timid. This means that earth and water will always feel pushed to act before they are ready; they will feel shaken and pressed.
It is a very difficult combination, unless other planets in the birth chart make the airs less impulsive and the land and water a little faster.
Let us remember that it is the air that gives life to fire. The oxygen-carrying air keeps the fire alive.

Signs of EARTH: Taurus. Virgo. Capricorn
Soil combines very well with land and water. But it is a rather difficult combination in combination with air and fire.
The signs of earth are slow, but when they move, they are very sure of them. Fire and air need fast and often not very meditated decisions and movements. It is a very uncomfortable combination, unless other planets in the birth chart make the earth slightly faster and the airs or fires a little less unpredictable.
Remember that the earth can exist, even if air and fire are not present.

Signs of WATER: cancer. Scorpio. Pisces.
Water combines very well with water and earth. But it needs a lot of tolerance to combine with air and fire.
The signs of water are kind, sensitive, reserved and can easily feel attacked by the mental and physical speed of the signs of fire and air, where they will not find the necessary security.
Let us remember that earth and water come together to create life.

If the two people belong to fire signs, very extreme situations will occur. Either they will be wonderfully well… or they will hate each other deeply. There are no half measures here. Either they will adapt and it will be total triumph in all that they set out to do, or they will engage in destructive competition that will nullify them both.

When one air meets another air, freedom of movement and ideas is total, without any restrictions. This combination can work wonderfully well if you know how to walk towards the same common goal. Otherwise, you will be lost in arguments, in futureless ideas, in recriminations and reproaches. This is also a combination where there are no half measures: either you will form a formidable tandem or you will hate each other completely.

When the earth meets more earth, it can give rise to a wonderful force of nature capable of ‘moving mountains’, i.e. of achieving the greatest achievements. But it can also become a barren and lifeless place, where instead of coming together, they face ‘seismic’ results that will produce a profound catastrophe.

When the water meets more water, there is no resistance. The two will follow the natural course, merging and fusing together like a meekly flowing river, and they will be able to reach a spiritual and blissful union for both.
However, the water can also stagnate. And in that case, lack of ideals, reproaches and burdens will arise, i.e., frustration, blockage, death.

The air stirs up the fire and makes it burn stronger and more intensely, stimulating its enthusiasm… But it can also stir up passions and anger. If there is a lot of fire, it can consume the oxygen in the air. And, likewise, a lot of air can extinguish the intensity of the fire. It is a combination that can work if both know how to become complementary and not competitors.

Although the fire seems extremely strong… it is clear that in this situation, the one who triumphs is always the earth, which will always be there; it can scorch it, hurt it, but never ever destroy it. However, if the fire is too powerful, the earth will protest vigorously… and that will be the end of the relationship. It is a combination that can work if both know how to become complementary by joining forces instead of being adversaries.

The fire, if very intense, can dry a small amount of water. On the other hand, if there is a lot of water, it will be able to put out the most intense fire. It is a very, very delicate combination, because both know they have the strength to be able to destroy the other. It is a complicated situation. It will work if both know how to get the best out of themselves, and above all, walk together rather than compete in a titanic struggle.

The earth contains air and needs it. But the air does not contain earth… and does not need it. The earth is always quiet and when it protests it is to give rise to great catastrophes. The air is in continuous movement. It is a terribly difficult combination, where a lot of compromises have to be made in order for it to work well.

Water seeks a home, shelter and security; and it finds that in a natural way in the welcoming land. The earth needs water to live, grow and bear fruit. It is a difficult combination because if there is excess, instead of life, there will be death. Land with too much water dies. Water without soil makes no sense. This combination can work wonderfully well if both know how to make the best of themselves and above all, adapt to the needs of the other. Changing and variable needs, according to the moment and the situation. But when it works, it makes wonderful connections

The air can attack the water with its violent winds, shake it up, scatter it… and the water can do nothing but wait for the storm to pass. It is a tremendously difficult combination, they are two elements that can rarely walk together. However, if they know how to make the best of themselves, and with many concessions, they could find common goals.

Let’s now specify and go a little deeper into the relationships between signs.

Relations between:
People who have the SAME sun sign_
In relationships with people born under the same sign as us, both will be tempted to exaggerate both their defects and virtues. Mutually, you will increase the intensity of all the positive traits of your personality…but also of your defects.
You will have to make a continuous effort to stimulate each other’s ‘good’ qualities and put aside the ‘bad’ ones, and of course, be very, very tolerant of each other.

Relations between:
ARIES with Gemini or Aquarius
TAURO with cancer and Pisces
GEMINIS with Aries or Leo
CANCER with Taurus or Virgo
LEO with Gemini or Libra
VIRGO with cancer or Scorpio
LIBRA with Leo or Sagittarius
SCORPIO with Virgo or Capricorn
SAGITTARIUS with Libra or aquarium
CAPRICORN with Scorpio or Pisces
AQUARIUM with Aries or Sagittarius
PISCIS with Taurus or Capricorn

These signs experience a strong current of sympathy and friendship, whatever the relationship that unites them – professional, friendly, loving – a great deal of mutual trust, and an even greater fluidity in communication. Being very different signs, these differences are not negative, but on the contrary, they can be enriching for both. The most effective word to define this relationship is that you will feel comfortable, understood, accepted and this will cause a feeling of deep loyalty to reign between you both.
Very possibly, the relationships will be very long lasting, a lot of intimacy and complicity. They are relationships that usually last ‘forever’ although depending on the nature of the relationship, it may be interrupted during certain periods, to resume it with the same pleasure as the first time.

Relationships between:
ARIES with cancer or Capricorn
TAURO with Leo or Aquarius
GEMINIS with Virgo or Pisces
CANCER with Libra or Aries
LEO with Taurus or Scorpio
VIRGO with Gemini or Sagittarius
Pounds with cancer or Capricorn
SCORPIO with Leo or Aquarius
SAGITTARIUS with Virgo or Pisces
CAPRICORN with Aries or Libra
AQUARIUM with Taurus and Scorpio
PISCIS with Gemini or Sagittarius

Not always, but very often, these signs feel like a tension or conflict of personalities. Something more instinctive than rational; either because you disapprove of something about it or, on the contrary, because you think they censure something about you. It is also possible that one of the parties may become blurred by feeling that the other party wants to impose a tight control on them or tries to impose its ideas on them.
Always in these combinations there will be a mental and affective restriction that will prevent total and unconditional surrender. Both will keep an instinctive prudence and reserve.

Relations between:
ARIES with Leo or Sagittarius
TAURO with Virgo or Capricorn
GEMINIS with Libra or Aquarius
CANCER with Scorpio or Pisces
LEO with Aries or Sagittarius
VIRGO with Taurus or Capricorn
Pounds with Gemini or Aquarius
SCORPIO with cancer or Pisces
SAGITTARIUS with Aries or Leo
CAPRICORN with Taurus or Virgo
AQUARIUM with Gemini or Libra
PISCIS with cancer or Scorpio

Not always, but very often, these people, when they meet in life, experience a very strong sense of empathy, of mental stimuli and affinities both mental and spiritual (depending on your relationship whether professional or personal)
There is a deep sympathy between them, that of ‘feeling understood and accepted’ and generally the misunderstandings are not deep or lasting. They are people who tend to ‘speak’ the same language as we do and so are extremely comfortable with each other.
The possibilities of harmony are more than excellent and less effort will be needed than with other signs to establish a happy and, above all, lasting relationship.

Relationships between:
ARIES with Virgo or Scorpio
TAURO with Libra and Sagittarius
GEMINIS with Scorpio or Capricorn
CANCER with Sagittarius or Aquarius
LEO with Capricorn or Pisces
VIRGO with Aries or Aquarius
BOOK with Taurus or Pisces
SCORPIO with Aries or Gemini
SAGITTARIUS with Taurus or cancer
CAPRICORN with Gemini or Leo
AQUARIUM with cancer or Virgo
PISCIS with Leo or Libra

There will be some problems in communicating with these signs. However, there is an inexplicable feeling that you may feel mysteriously intrigued by his charism and a certain mystery, deeply instinctive. In fact if the relationship between you is of a romantic kind, there will be an irresistible sexual attraction.
If the relationship is not one of love, it will also work, although then the attraction will not be sexual but mental and stimulating, as well as extremely enriching.
Somehow, both of you will want to help each other, thus forming a good tandem, rarely in unison, but rather alternating the commanding-obedience position. But neither of you will feel uncomfortable, quite the contrary, as no one will tend to abuse the situation, as the relationship will be based on respect and loyalty.

Relations between:
ARIES with Libra
TAURUS with Scorpio
GEMINIS with Sagittarius
CANCER with Capricorn
LEO with Aquarium
VIRGO with Pisces
Pounds with Aries
SCORPIO with Taurus
CAPRICORN with cancer
PISCIS with Virgo

These signs, on the wheel of the zodiac, are the opposites. Not always, but very often, you will be physically attracted to the individuals of the opposite sex of these signs opposite to yours; or if there is no physical attraction, you will admire and respect them more or less secretly. Why this is so is easy to understand: these signs are found on the zodiacal wheel right in front of you, that is, they are your complements: they possess the qualities and personality traits which you lack. Hence the attraction, fascination and admiration can be very, very strong.
However, and be careful here, it is also very possible that if these people are of the same sex as you, you may find yourself uncomfortable with them, as if on guard or alert; or even experience envy or strong feelings of competition.