In the name and by the power of the presence of the God who created us all, with humility and reverence, I bow in worship before the Prince of the Archangels, Lord Michael, and with sublime and absolute faith, I invoke here and now his divine and blessed presence.

O Archangel Michael, son of the King of Kings, divine protector and defender of the spiritual light within the hearts of all humanity and of the faith of the man of God, restore to heaven every lifestream that has departed from the state of divine grace and harmony; prepare the entrance to the heavenly realms for all life dwelling upon planet earth.

Remove all fear, its causes and nuclei in myself – or in all mankind – and that anchored in the elect now, and replace them with love, peace and divine enlightenment.

Standing as a servant of God and of the Light in our hearts, with your sword, your shield and your circle of purity, exorcise this – here is mentioned the matter, place, person, condition or house – pierce it with your sword and with your powerful explosion of blue light, fill it with peace and harmony and protect it eternally.

Humble and grateful, I bow to your mighty presence. Infinite thanks, Archangel Michael.

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