4 candles for black works (better if they are 7-wick candles)

1 parchment paper

Mustard seeds

Guinea pepper

1 curse-removing oil

Dust sweeps away

4 black ribbons

Incense (it is always better to burn incense on coals)

Burn an incense in the room where the ritual is to be performed. (Attention: never in our bedroom)

Write on the candles with a stick the name of the person you want to free from evil. We can also do this ritual for ourselves.

Once this is done, take the candles and spread them with the curse-removing oil, from top to bottom. Then put some mustard seeds and guinea pepper in each candle (previously chopped and mixed with the powder), and impregnate all the candles with this mixture.

Take the parchment and cut it into 4 pieces (without using the scissors) and write on it with a pencil, your wish (i.e. that the person leaves alone so that the bad energies of …. disappear, etc.) can be the same on each parchment or different.

Once this has been done, each parchment is joined with one of the candles, and they are tied with the black tape, making 7 knots and making the wishes again out loud.

Light the candles (always with wooden matches and of course in a protected place without draughts).

Once everything is finished burning, wrap the remains in something dark (a bag may be useful) and throw them into a container in a place well away from our house and where we will not pass for at least a month.

If, after this ritual, the person takes a cleansing bath, the evil, the negativity, the bad luck will soon leave him/her completely and therefore, the affected person will see again how his/her life goes on normally.