It needs:

1 egg. 3 different lands. Iron filings. Parchment paper. Black magic ink. Black salt Flying vinegar. 1 glass of wine (or the drink to which the person is addicted) guinea pepper. Drago’s blood. Ritual pen. 1 earthenware casserole. 3 candles of San Expedito and a picture of this saint. Black ribbon.

Write the full name and date of birth of the person you wish to help on the parchment paper with the black ink and pen. Separate the yolk from the egg.

Put all the ingredients in the casserole: first the paper, then the egg white, the pepper (crushed) and all the other ingredients. Cook everything and let it boil down to half. Stir with a knife.

At that moment light the three candles of San Expedito and say this prayer: I invoke you San Expedito, come with all the saints and hear my plea to help (name of the person) to repudiate, feel disgust and reject with his mouth and thought all the drink that hurts him so much; may this drink taste like vinegar and gall.

Put out the fire. Let the mixture rest and cool down and then wrap the pot with black cloth, finishing by tying it – as if it were a gift – with the black ribbon and making 7 knots.

Make a circle with the three candles, put the pot in the middle and say the previous prayer twice more.

When the candles have gone out, take the pot and take it to a place where you can bury it, if possible at a crossroads.