You need

Musk powder

1 candle of don Juan del dinero

1 incense 4 sales or money or wealth

1 perfume 4 sales or money or similar

Oil of money or don Juan of money

1 bottle

1 picture of don Juan del dinero

2 magnets

Pour the perfume and oil as well as the musk into the bottle. Move the entire contents well.

Put your name or the name of your business on the candle. Spread a little bit of the mixture you have already prepared in the bottle.

Light the candle and place it in front of the bottle and the incense. Almost all candles have a prayer dedicated to that entity. Repeat it 3 times with all your energy and well concentrated.

When the candle is consumed, the spell is ready.

From then on, every day water with the mixture from the bottle all the corners of your business, always in a clockwise direction.

Then slowly pass the incense around the shop, also in a clockwise direction, opening cupboards and drawers so that the energy and vibration reaches all places.

Spread a little bit of the mixture from the bottle and keep it in your cash register, if possible between two magnets.

Note: this ritual should be started on a Thursday or Sunday during the crescent moon phase.

Note: You can reinforce the effects of this ritual by taking money baths or using daily soaps for this purpose, so that little by little your vibrational field vibrates with the energy of abundance.