You will need:

2 red dolls

Red, green and yellow ritual tape

1 bottle of Haitian mooring

14 cloves

2 love magnets

Parchment paper

5 red sails

Oil of love, attraction or similar

This ritual must be started on the nearest Friday after the new moon and will last 7 days.

Take the two dolls and ‘baptise’ them with the Haitian amare, one will be him/her (say his/her name and surname out loud. The other one will be yours, say your name too) at the same time write on the back of the doll the name of each one.

Take off a piece of the doll and put in each of them 7 cloves and one of the love magnets. Put them face to face, and thus tie them together with the tape – which you will have previously braided – and at the end make 7 knots.

On the parchment you write the names of the two – yours always on top – 7 times.

Prepare the candles by mixing the Haitian mooring and the oil of love or attraction. Spread the 5 candles from the base to the wick. (you will have to keep some oil as there are 5 candles for 7 days)

Then place the parchment, the dolls on top and make a circle all around it with the 5 candles. And this for 7 consecutive days, so you will need 5 candles each day.

At the end of these 7 days, take the dolls, the remains of the candles, the parchment paper, add a little honey on top and wrapped in a red cloth, keep it next to your underwear.

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