1 Pair Man-Woman intertwined
1 Tie and Nail Powder
1 Tied and Nailed Oil
1 Love Herbs
1 Parchment paper
1 red ritual ribbon
1 candy sugar
7 Pins ( if possible red head)
1 Red Magic Ink
1 Ritual Pen
1 Precipitated Red
2 Incenses (one of love and one of purification)


First and foremost, clean the place where the ritual will be performed by placing a stick of purifying incense (better if done with coals and pure incense). Once consumed, it will be lit again but this time it will be appropriate to our desire, that is, love incense.

Then you will take the candle in your left hand and place his full name with a stick, in the figure of the man from bottom to top and your name in the figure of the woman from top to bottom, always dominating him.

Then the oil will be smeared from the bottom to the top, using the fingers of the right hand, there is no need to put everything. The same will be done with the candy sugar.

Then you will sprinkle the powder tied up and nailed. You will also do the same with the herbs of love. Let the image prepared in this way rest for about 1 hour. Write on the parchment – using the pen and ink – 7 wishes of him/her, to you example: that he/she only kisses me, that he/she touches me, that he/she only has me in his/her thoughts, etc. Put some oil from the bottom to the top and let it rest next to the candle.

When the hour is up, place the candle on a heat-resistant plate and stick the pins in it according to your wishes, i.e. if you asked him to think only of me, you will stick the pin in his head and so on.

Once all the pins are in place, you must roll up the parchment and place it vertically to the candle, you will tie it next to the candle using the ribbon. Once you have turned it over you will make 7 more knots and for each one you will repeat a wish.

After this you will place the red precipitate around the candle in a circle repeating the following prayer:

1) “I…… spread this precipitation to prevent any interference between us”. “And let love, emotions and passions arise as quickly as possible.

Let everything be consumed, the remains keep them for 7 days, in the drawer where you keep your underwear and then bury it in a pot, placing a nice little plant, so that love will flourish, making sure that it is not a plant with thorns.

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