This ritual should be performed under the influence of the rising moon, preferably on a Friday – which is the day of love. But you can also perform it on a Tuesday – to take on the full force of the warrior planet. If possible in the morning.

7 drops of patchouli

2 drops of incense

3 drops of rose

3 pink candles

1 dark glass jar

1 small plate of white china (to put the candle)

1 wooden stick

Wooden matches

Mix the oils in the glass jar at least 24 hours before the start of the ritual. That is on a Monday if you are going to put it on Tuesday. A Thursday if you are going to do it on Friday.

Let it rest so that the preparation is well mixed.

On Tuesday, or Friday, take the wooden stick and engrave on the 3 candles – from the end to the base – your name and that of your loved one. On the other side write ‘eternal attraction’.

Then smear each candle with the oil, place it on the plate and light it with the matches.

Place the candles in a triangle shape with the top up. Place the jar with the oil in the centre. When the candles run out, collect the remains of the 3 candles and throw them away.

From now on, every time you meet your loved one, use a little of this oil mixed with your personal perfume.

They say it doesn’t fail.

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