Write the name of the person you want to dominate on parchment paper and over the name, but make a cross and write the name of the ‘dominant’ person. Use red magic ink – better if it is love ink – and red ritual pen.

Allow to dry for a few minutes, place the paper on a plate and smear everything with dominion oil, sprinkle red dragoon powder, dominion powder as well as some ground cinnamon.

On top of the parchment prepared in this way, place a dominion candle – or a tie-up – on which you will have written with a toothpick the name of the person and on top the name of the ‘dominant’. Spread the candle with oils and powders and light it with 3 wooden matches.

When everything has been consumed, wrap the remains in a red cloth and keep it in your underwear.

To be done on a Friday with a crescent moon.

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