1 black penis candle

Snake fat

Powdered domain

Faithful lover’s powder.

7 pins.

Parchment paper

Myrrh incense


Black ribbon

Black ink

Ritual pen

This spell is very strong. So pay attention because it can’t be used lightly. Only for those women who know with absolute certainty that their husband is repeatedly unfaithful and only if they are really in love and want to save their marriage. Never forget the laws of magic: everything we do, we bounce back 3 times.

To be done on a Tuesday with a waning moon.

Write the man’s initials, with a stick in the penis candle. Spread it with snake fat and sprinkle it with a mixture of the two powders.

Then prick the candle with 7 pins (when you prick the pins you must repeat the following sentence):xxx With this pin I prick you and I take away your heat and passions, I prick you so that you cannot be with bad women and that your virility is lowered, and that only with me you can be. So be it. This prayer 7 times. Put it on a plate. Light the incense and light the candle.

Once the candle is consumed, write his full name on the parchment paper, smear it with the snake fat, the remains of the powder and the remains of the candle. Make a packet with all of this, tied with the black ribbon and make 7 knots. As you tie the knots, repeat: this represents xxx is what should remain of your limb, every time you want to be unfaithful to me. This I ask and this I desire. Repeat 7 times.

Freeze the package and wait quietly. Your partner will no longer feel like cheating on you.

It is recommended after this work and at least 3 months to put candles of ‘tame’ to reinforce and enhance the effect of this ritual.

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