This ritual is the right one when you want to calm down a violent or aggressive person, who is causing us problems: children, friends, partner, a boss……

1 quiet balm oil

1 Benigno manso candle

Parchment paper

White ribbon

Black ink



Valerian (grass)

Winning stick oil.

Put the oil of the calm balm in a wide-mouth bottle, write the name of the person you want to calm down on parchment paper 7 times with black ink. Once the name is written, roll up the parchment and tie it with a white ribbon. Put it inside the jar, where you will add: honey, sugar, valerian and victorious stick oil.

Once all this has been done, you candles are placed next to one of the candles of San Benigno Magno, asking the person in question to calm down, and when the candle has been consumed, the jar is kept in the freezer until the situation has calmed down.

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