It rules over : employment, law, leadership, prosperity, money, strength, performing arts, warmth, government, law, self-confidence, fire, personal courage and power, physical self-defence, purification, public affairs and success in general.

The day associated with the sun is SUNDAY, therefore this is the appropriate day to do rituals and work that has to do with: spirituality, success, strength and protection. Healing rituals can also be performed on this day.

The colours associated with the Sun and the Sunday are Yellow. Orange. Golden. Amber.


It rules over: the home, children, childbirth, fertility, divination, motherhood, psychic powers, women, life cycles, dreams, growth, astral projection, the subconscious, water, reincarnation, private matters, the night, animals, peace, tranquillity and healing.

The day associated with it is MONDAY and therefore is the day for work that has to do with: peace, healing, affection and psychic perception.

The colours associated with the Moon and Monday are: Grey. Lavender. White. Silver. Ivory.


It rules over : anger, aggressiveness, power, lust, construction, war, combat, courage, sex and passion, the military, conflicts, fears, physical exercise and competitions of all kinds.

The day associated with this planet is TUESDAY, therefore this day is suitable for works and rituals that have to do with: passion, courage, aggression and protection.

The colours associated with Mars and Tuesday are: Red. Black. Brown. Scarlet red.


Rules over: communications, commerce, intellect, inconstancy, healing, writing, wisdom and mental ability, books, computers, reading, gossip, music, travel, correspondence, diplomacy, mathematics, science, history, education, mass media, libraries, as well as teachers and students.

The day associated with mercury is WEDNESDAY, so this is the appropriate day for jobs and rituals that involve it: Studies. Travel. Divination. Wisdom.

The colours associated with Mercury and Wednesday are: yellow. Lilac. Topaz.


It rules over: prosperity, money, employment, good fortune and luck, fair trials, friendships, investments, ambition, prestige and success, games for money, other people’s interests, astronomy, social events, psychology, clergy, self-improvement. Triumph and success in general.

The day associated with Jupiter is THURSDAY, therefore this is the appropriate day for rituals involving: Expansion. Money. Prosperity. Success. Generosity.

The colours associated with Jupiter and Thursday are: green. Turquoise. Purple. Crimson.


It rules over: Love and romance, beauty, family affairs, spouses, lovers, peace, fashion, architecture, light entertainment, intimate social gatherings, shopping, intimate friendships, gardening, fidelity, emotions, music, pets, acts of kindness and generosity, art, sculpture and poetry and everything that has to do with beauty in one way or another.

The day associated with Venus is FRIDAY and therefore is the right day for works and rituals that have to do with: Love. Friendship. Reconciliation. Beauty.


The colours associated with Venus and Friday are: white. Pink. Pink. Purple. Coral.

It rules over: the occult, past lives, transits, rebirth, self-cancellation, lies, mental and emotional distress, losses, the elderly, fulfillment, spiritual communication, excavations, archaeology, death, morality, meditation, acceptance or change of unfavorable situations, and protection from psychic attack.

The day associated with Saturn is SATURDAY, therefore this day is suitable for work and rituals involving: longevity, outcomes, cleansing. Protection. Changes of situation.

The colours associated with Saturn and the Sabbath are Brown. Grey. Blue. Indigo. Black.

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