Discharge baths are essential, not only for those who practice some magic, but for everyday life.

None of us forget to take our daily shower to clean our body, but few of us realize that we also have an astral body, an aura that we have – and must – care for and clean.

A ‘dirty’ or charged aura is like an armour that little by little imprisons us, blocks us, chokes us, prevents us from moving forward, prevents us from doing what is prescribed for us, tires us out and takes away our energy.

And how does it get ‘dirty’? Well, very easily, through bad energies and vibrations, both our own – our fears, anxieties, problems – and those of others, products of negative environments or situations that we all have at some point.

An aura that cleanses itself regularly, is the guarantee that we will not have too many – or any – energetic blockages, which will avoid many problems and frustrating situations.

If they are recommended for everyone in general, they are even more so before and after doing rituals. Before to imbue us with the good vibrations necessary to carry it out. And later, to avoid that some vibration has remained with us, especially if we are doing some work of distancing, separation, breakage…

A very simple way of doing a ‘before’ bath consists of passing an egg – raw – all over our body – without clothes – and then taking a shower, with the precaution of using a little sea salt – better Himalayan salt – as a gentle exfoliant which in this case is not for skin impurities but to remove negativity or bad vibrations. In this way we will be free of auric impurities and prepared for the work we want to do.

For an ‘after’ bath, we recommend cooking a little rue and rosemary. Strain it and add the essence of rue along with a little coarse salt. This will make any possible vibration that may have been impregnated to us, be dissipated completely.

For preventative flushing baths it is recommended to do two each month. One in a waning moon to remove blockages and bad vibrations and another in a rising moon, to attract positivity and good energies.

Drainage bath in waning moon: cook rue, lavender and rosemary on a Tuesday. Leave it in the light of the midday sun. At night, add rue essence or oil and if we are very loaded, ‘rompezaraguay’. Pour it over, from head to toe, after our normal shower.

Discharge bath to attract positivity to our lives. Cook red rose petals, lavender, star anise, spice cloves, a red apple cut into 4 and a little honey. Cook this on a Thursday. Leave it in the moonlight and on Friday, after the shower, pour it over, from head to toe. If you can also use – according to your wishes – essences of love, or of road opener, or of money or of cleaning… you will see how little by little, in a progressive way, the little brakes, the things that do not come out and all that disappears from your lives.

Of course, sometimes, in the hectic life we lead, there is no time to be cooking, straining… so, a good intermediate solution is to use for the waning moon the bitter herbal baths – you will find them in my shop or other esoteric shops – and for the rising moon, the sweet herbal baths. To these, you only have to add the necessary oils or essences.

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