We have all heard on many occasions about the power of thought, the importance of positive thinking and so on. Some believe, others consider it an interesting idea but without more. Others do believe, or think it is possible… but store it somewhere in their brain… and continue with their usual way of thinking.

Many people have told me that they have read self-help books, such as the famous THE SECRET, and there are even more people who say ‘think positive’ and believe that this is simply a matter of being more or less optimistic and believing that things will eventually work themselves out. And of course, things seldom do, and we almost always end up getting used to them and resigning ourselves to them. Or living in bitterness because there is no longer any way out.

The biggest problem with the power of THOUGHT, is that until now, thought has not been measured, or rather, its effects have not been ‘seen’ in a tangible way. These are perhaps somewhat abstract words like love, pain, sadness… Of course, we all know they exist, we have all experienced them throughout our lives. But how to see them, how to measure them? Or to put it another way, does mind exert any power over matter?

Well, the Japanese professor MASARU EMOTO, has carried out experiments on the effect of thought, ideas, words, music, on water molecules. And he has succeeded in photographing not thought, but the power of thought, that is to say the effects that thought produces on these water molecules.

And, when we know that the human being is composed of a large part of water, of liquids… it is shocking to think of all the mental force that we develop – often in a negative way both for ourselves and for others – with something to which we do not attach importance: thought, words, ideas….

We know that water is what binds all humanity and indeed all life together. Our body, as I have already mentioned, has a large percentage of water. This earth where we live is also called the BLUE planet, and it is not because this phrase is merely poetic, but because even though our planet is called earth, the reality is that it is composed of more water than earth.

Well, Professor Emoto began by comparing the water molecules of a polluted place, of a normal, running spring and also a sample of holy water from Lourdes. He was able to establish – with the help of photographs – that these molecules looked very different, although they were all water. The samples from the contaminated site were dark, undefined, as if they were deformed and repulsive to the eye. The spring water formed a more harmonious structure and its light colour evoked purity. The holy water of Lourdes had a structural form that reminded us of a jewel, evoking beauty.

Water taken from clean mountain springs and streams formed more beautiful crystalline structures in contrast to the distorted and deformed crystals formed by the samples of polluted or stagnant water.

After this, his next experiment was to take bottles of water, normal and ordinary, and mark them with words that expressed human emotions and ideas. Some were positive and others negative… and the water responded and reacted to those words. Water with positive messages formed beautiful crystals. Water with negative messages formed ugly, deformed crystals.

It marked the bottles with words like ‘I hate you, I’ll kill you’. Thank you. I love you’….

The water molecules marked with the word HATE formed deformed, dark crystals. Ugly.

The bottle marked with the idea of THANK YOU formed beautiful, well-defined crystals

The bottle marked with the idea of LOVE, looked like a beautiful jewel.

In other experiments, he took samples of frozen water and subjected them to the word ANGEL and another to the word DEMON, the latter forming a dark and amorphous structure. The first one formed a perfect and extremely beautiful molecular drawing.

The distilled water exposed to classical music (a symphony by Mozart) took delicate and symmetrical forms. When Elvis Presley’s song The Hotel of Sadness was played, the result was that the frozen crystals broke in two. When water samples were bombarded with heavy metal music or exposed to negative words, or when negative thoughts or emotions were intentionally focused on them, the water did not form crystals and instead created chaotic and fragmented structures

When the water was treated with aromatic floral oils, – such as chamomile – the crystals tended to imitate the shape of the original flower.

Of great interest for healing and for our well-being, both physical and spiritual, are the extreme effects that negative words and ideas have on water crystals. Thus the water sample submitted with the words ‘ME DAS ASCO’ was very similar to the sample resulting from ‘listening’ to heavy metal music: an ugly, deformed structure with no defined shape.

But Professor Emoto went even further with his experiments. He took water and subjected them to ideas such as DO IT and DO IT. The crystals formed by the word HAGÁMOSLO were like beautiful snowflakes. The word DO, however, did not form any crystals. This is very interesting because it shows that many times, when we cannot see the immediate result of our prayers and affirmations, we think that they have failed

Now we must think and reflect on all this… how am I using my mental power? What am I doing with my words?

Thoughts of failure, of hate, of indifference… are also represented in the physical objects around us. Now that we are aware of this, perhaps we can begin to realise that even when the immediate results are not visible to human eyes, they are there.

When we love our own bodies, the body responds to those vibrations, to those ideas. When we send our love (we feel united) to the Earth, it responds. Our own body is composed of 70 percent water. And the surface of the earth is also 70 percent water.

But all this, as interesting as it is, is not very important. What matters to us in our daily lives is not these pictures, but the effect of our ideas, our thoughts on ourselves and on the people around us. It is time to understand the tremendous importance of choosing our thoughts, our intentions, our words and ideas, for our own health, our body, whether we are talking about the physical or psychic part. And, of course, the result of words and thoughts directed at other people.

In a previous article I spoke about the EVIL EYE. I know that there are many people who do not believe. Everyone is free to accept whatever suits them best. But to think that the evil eye is transmitted, of course, by sight, but in order for those rays, those poisoned darts to go out from one person to another…they first have to be thought, thought out, felt…envy, ‘I hate you’, ‘I wish things would go wrong for you’, … remember the effect of the word HATE on water molecules… if we stop to think that our body is more than 50% water… it is terrifying to imagine the damage that these ideas, these intense desires can do in us… it is as if we receive a poisoned discharge. And in fact it is exactly like that. If, moreover, these ideas are repetitive, one does not have to do many calculations to imagine the disaster. As I said before, an evil eye, living together in environments full of hate and tension, can lead in the worst case to killing, in the best case to a loss of energy, vitality, joy…. to apathy and unwillingness to live.

But of course, not all people feel envy or hatred towards others. But… let’s think a little: what ideas do we have about and towards ourselves? The ‘everything goes wrong for me’ the ‘I’m ugly’ the ‘I’m unlucky’ the ‘nobody loves me’ the ‘I’m alone’ the ‘I have no money’ the ‘I’m stupid’, the ‘I hate myself’ the ‘I don’t like my body’ ‘I’m a failure’… are negative messages, ideas that we address to ourselves; or that perhaps since childhood we have been acquiring because we have felt badly loved ‘my brother is better than me’ ‘my parents don’t love me’ ‘I’m a disaster’…

ALL conscious thought repeated over a season becomes a program. Our brain is the most powerful – and obedient – of all computers. With our thoughts and ideas we are programming ourselves… So what happens when you have consciously thought for a number of years ‘I’m a failure’… ‘nothing works for me’… ‘I’m unlucky’,…

Without even intending to, you have – we have – implanted an automatic program that will manage to ruin you without the slightest effort… sad as this is, the universe only does – thanks to the power of thought – offer you what you are projecting over and over again.

At this stage, obviously, deprogramming is necessary. And this is the most difficult thing. It seems a lie, but it is easier to emit negative ideas and thoughts since they require no effort.

Many people can say: I think this way because my life is a disaster… and it is just the opposite… Your life is a disaster because YOU THINK THAT WAY. It is in your hands to be able to reverse that process.

Think a little: If a simple “thank you” changes a molecule of water, it is not difficult to imagine what a prayer, words of love, of brotherhood, of courage, of friendship, of joy, can do by going through our water-laden body.

If dirty water is bad for your health, negative thoughts and bad words are bad for your health.

The big question is: now that we are aware of the effects, now that we are aware of the power of thought, what are we going to do? This is not easy. It is not enough to think ‘positively’ from time to time. It’s not enough to say, well, I tell myself that I love myself… NO. First you have to feel it in your gut, with all your strength, and generate emotions. You have to reverse the process of years and years. It is not enough to be positive and have thoughts of love one day a week. Strengthening the mind is a bit like gymnastics in the body. Discipline your mind during all the days of your life and you will see changes that you could not imagine? you will become the real architect of your life. You will design your life. YOUR OWN LIFE. The one we have always wanted to live. And this, my friends, is magic. The real magic. The power to transform our reality with thought. It is pure alchemy. Only instead of transmuting lead into gold, we will transmute failure into triumph, instability into harmony, fears into courage, sadness into joy… of course, nobody has said that this is easy. All the great things in life require great effort, but do we really not deserve that? What better work is there in the world than our own being? And don’t think that this is selfish. On the contrary, it is altruism. If you have nothing to offer yourself… what are you going to give, what can you offer to others????

And all of this will lead us to be better people, by improving not only our bodies, but also our souls, our emotions and feelings, so that we can achieve higher spiritual vibrations, that is, advance in our spiritual evolution.

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