In this article I will explain to you the characteristics of each day of the week, as well as its esoteric value; that is, so that you can use the influence of the days – ruled by a particular planet, and their utilities both in magic – a truly fascinating world – and for the day-to-day life of the people.

A simple act, such as going to a job interview or a love date, can benefit or, on the contrary, not benefit, simply by knowing – or not knowing – to choose the right day.

And this is within the reach of all of us. So here I offer you the tools so that you can all put some magic in your lives.


Monday is under the influence of the MOON, the fastest of the stars, as it goes through all 12 signs of the zodiac in about 28 days.

The moon – SELENE in mythology – has been associated since ancient times with sensitivity and intuition, making it the ideal day for all work related to the psychic world, both at the level of increasing our intuitive or psychic abilities, and for psychological problems such as depression, stress, various addictions, anxiety, etc.

Monday is also the right day to connect with the world of the dead, to connect with the astral world, for regressions, to establish contact with spiritual guides, etc.

As the moon is closely related to spiritual life and the feminine world, it is also the day best suited to everything to do with women, motherhood, fertility, etc.

On a less esoteric plane, Monday is the best day for all work whose objective is to cut through the fear, the sadness, the memory of something in the past that is holding us back.

The archangel who rules Monday is GABRIEL.

The colour of the candles associated with Monday is white or silver.


Tuesday is under the influence of the planet Mars, which by its strength and imposition is associated with war, courage and bravery. In fact, Mars was the Roman god of war, the Greek ARES.

It is therefore the right day for everything that has to do with courage, passion, defence, protection. We use this day for works whose aim is to solve a problem or to face a difficult or intimidating situation. Also in love it is used to give strength and passion to the couple, as this day also represents the strength and passion of the sexual instinct. It is also the day to be used to keep negative energies away from us or our home, as well as to get away from or protect us from any bad influence.

All the rituals that are done on this day, will take all the strength and momentum that this planet provides.

The Archangel who rules the day of Tuesday is SAMAEL

The associated colour of the candles for this day is red.


Wednesday is governed by the planet Mercury. MERCURY for the Romans or BROTHERS for the Greeks, was the messenger of the gods, hence this day represents everything that has to do with communications, travel and trade.

This day is the most appropriate for all work related to communication (talking better with the people around you, transmitting ideas better, understanding and being understood better), both on a personal and professional level.

This day is also related to everything that has to do with the intellect, i.e. studies, intellectual work (especially language and writing), negotiating skills and financial transactions.

Wednesday will be the right day for rituals that have to do with passing exams of all kinds, with achieving success through better understanding and comprehension, in order to succeed in business and studies. Also, if you are looking forward to a trip, it is the right day to do something about it.

On a more everyday level, if we have to go and apply for a credit, a job, if we show up for an important interview, it’s the day when we have the best possibilities thanks to the impulses coming from the planet Mercury.

The archangel who rules this Wednesday is RAPHAEL.

The colour associated with this day is yellow (representing the mind) but also lilac, representing the planet mercury.

However, for the rituals that have to do with healing and the archangel Raphael, the candle that will be used will be the green one, the colour associated with this archangel.


Thursday is associated with the planet Jupiter, JUPITER for the Romans or ZEUS for the Greeks, he was the king of the gods in mythology and is linked to honours, successes and triumphs of all kinds. On this day, rituals involving happiness, expansion, male fertility, legal matters, decision making, good luck and wealth are favoured.

On a magical level, it is the right day for rituals that have to do with triumphs of all kinds, especially professional triumphs, worldly successes and social promotion.

On a more everyday level, it is the right day to buy lottery tickets, for a professional appointment, for a trial, to reinforce our ego, for professional triumphs.

Thursday gives a touch of triumph to everything we undertake.

The Archangel who rules this Thursday is SACHIEL.

The colour of the sail associated with Thursday is blue.


It is represented by the planet Venus, and we all know that VENUS was the goddess of love in Roman mythology, the AFRODITE in Greek mythology. But Venus also represents beauty, harmony, music, elegance and good feelings, as well as promoting situations of harmony and reconciliation.

It is the right day to do all the rituals that have to do with loving feelings – not passionate ones – and with everything that has to do with love in all its facets: friendship, filial or paternal love, etc.

This day favours sociability, affection, the formation of lasting unions and everything related to beauty and elegance, as well as the creative part and also everything related to music and art.

It is therefore the right day for work where feelings are involved, but also to work on our own self-esteem, especially from a physical point of view. And of course, for all kinds of work for love, both with a particular person and to attract love into our lives.

It is therefore a good day for appointments of all kinds, whether loving, professional or friendly, to present projects that have to do with creativity, associations, fashion, beauty, music and all the arts in general.

The archangel who rules the day on Friday is ANAEL.

The colour of the candles associated with Friday is green and pink.


Saturday is governed by Saturn. SATURN in Roman mythology, while for the Greeks it was CHRONOS.

This planet is closely related to occultism and death, to past lives and to the elderly.

We invoke its power to protect people and also houses.

On this day all magical works will be favoured that aim to neutralise negative energies and overcome trials or great obstacles.

On a more day-to-day level, it is the right day for everything to do with longevity, outcomes, changes of situation, protection and energetic and auric cleansing.

The archangel who rules the Sabbath day is CASSIEL.

The colour of the candles for this day is brown and black.


Sunday is ruled by the sun – HELIOS in mythology – the sun king.

The sun has always been associated with the divine, with power, with money, with success.

It is therefore the appropriate day for all those rituals whose objective is material prosperity, social prestige, the achievement of goals of any kind, but above all in matters that have to do with success and strength.

As the sun also symbolises the human body, it is also the appropriate day for everything that has to do with health and healing.

On a more everyday level, it is a good day for beauty treatments, for improving our self-esteem, for spirituality, for ‘believing in us’ for social gatherings and for anything that will benefit our ego.

The archangel who rules the day on Sunday is MIGUEL.

The colour of the candles associated with this day is yellow, orange and also gold.

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