To understand the following words well, you must first read THE POWER OF THOUGHT I, otherwise you will miss a bit.

To illustrate the effect of a word, of an idea, let us take the word crisis as an example.

Everyone talks about it, it has become a word that frightens and distresses everyone; something like ‘the bogeyman’ of our childhood.

Imagine the power of this word, used daily by thousands, by millions of people all over the planet. With fear, with anguish, with anxiety… each time its power is pronounced it increases and intensifies more and more, and even more… and, of course, at the same time, its negative effects double, triple, causing more tensions, more blockages, more frustrations, rages, indignations, sadness, injustices…

The trick is to transform that negative word into positive thinking. In other words, to REMOVE POWER from the idea it represents, and to do this, you have to start by not pronouncing it. But, evidently, it is not the case of saying, ‘the crisis does not exist’. In fact, a thought, a positive idea never entails a denial. Moreover, to say this or any other similar phrase would border on the absurd and chimerical.

To reverse, subtract, diminish, erase the power of this horrible word, we have to use another word, or evoke other ideas that transmute fears and anxieties. In other words, to visualise positive situations. To see ourselves, or the whole world, swimming in abundance, in peace, in serenity, in harmony…

Of course, all this is very easy to say and very difficult to put into practice. Above all because it requires two essential elements: patience and perseverance. But no one has ever said that life is easy.

If everyone, if I, if you, start, start making efforts in this way, if you see yourself in this situation, little by little, you will generate emotions of joy, peace, abundance, tranquility, you will generate POSITIVE vibrations. To put it in a similar way, it would be as if a great fire was given a little bit of water… you will see how little by little your life will start to improve. Because the great truth of the universe is that if you change your ATTITUDE, you will also change your LIFE.

Now let’s imagine what could happen if those billions of people, scared and worried about this word, all started to reverse the process, to visualize and generate POSITIVE EMOTIONS…

In fact, this is what seems to be happening. We have all heard about the famous Mayan prophecy about the end of the world. The end of the world, as such, is not going to happen – thank God – but we are on our way to a planetary emotional awakening, to a change of thoughts, which will shut down, change, transmute the negativity of the current world.

Of course, this is a slow process, this will be a long process… but what if you, if I, if we, start doing our little bit? The first beneficiaries will be ourselves, as we begin to invest, to transmute the problems that that horrible word has created in our lives.

Do not minimize the power of thought. Everything we think about produces emotions. Emotions produce vibrations – positive or negative – those emotions are thrown into the universe… and the universe FORWARDS everything it receives. And your friend, friend, who is reading this: What message, what vibration are YOU emitting?

Waiting for the moment that all this comes to an end, each and every one of us can from now on, start giving those little big changes, to improve our lives… if you really, really want to.

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