For me the art of decreeing is the art – or the science – of transmitting through thoughts, the deep desires of the soul and/or the heart.

It’s not just the uttering of a thought out loud thinking that something or someone is listening to it while I stand by with my arms folded and go about my daily routines.

We have all heard enough of the power of thought. But do we know how to use all that infinite power? The truth is that I believe that in a somewhat unconscious and most of the time negative way, we do use it. The ‘I am worthless’, the ‘I am unlucky’, the ‘I am unlucky in love’… are more or less unconscious decrees that we constantly send out into the universe. From within us, passing through our minds and saying them in a low or high voice, and sent out into the universe. We constantly bombard the energies around us with these thoughts.

And, believe it or not, what you say, what you are convinced of, is what you believe. The brain, thought, has no sense of humour. If you say ‘everything is going wrong’ your mental energy will be constantly creating the necessary circumstances to please you and materialize that reality that you keep evoking over and over again. To decree.

Many people feel that they are missing something, and already, drowning, they look to the right and to the left. They go to one workshop after another, get informed and excited about some activity… only to realize later that this or that does not fill them up. Because the inner or existential emptiness is still there, sometimes even worse than before.

Why is that? Because it is a change from the outside in what they are trying to do. And I am not saying that this cannot be done. But I am saying that it is more difficult.

All processes must arise from the inside out. That is to say, from the depths of our soul, heart, inner self, inner self… that will lead us to change our way of thinking and as a consequence, the vibrations that we are creating and therefore also the circumstances around us will change. This will change our existential situation.

In other words, it seems to be a quick process. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is slow most of the time. All great things come about with months and months of work.

Humans are impatient beings and too often, they want everything now and already. Perseverance, insisting again and again, inner work… costs too much; so they give up and go to the simple and distracted; or worse, they give up and let themselves be beaten by life like leaves whipped by the wind, without any concrete direction.

The power of decrees is based on repetition over and over again, yes, but not like a parrot. But with all our power of will, putting into those phrases all ‘our guts’, our energy, our emotions, our deepest and most sincere desire.

I always advise to look even if it is just 5 minutes for it. In the morning, noon and evening. And, if possible, in front of a mirror, looking into your eyes. It’s really worth doing this since it’s about nothing more and nothing less than reshaping your life. And is there anyone more important to you than yourself?

If you can do it longer, so much the better. If you want to create ‘atmosphere’ you can do it with an incense you like or even with a purple candle which is the colour of transmutation.

In reality, we could say that it is a reset of that mentality that we have been acquiring through education, society in which we live and personal experiences. But it has taken us totally away from our true spiritual essence. We have forgotten that this life is not a valley of tears. We have put on top of ourselves a veil of sadness and mourning, which chokes and suffocates us and above all prevents us from shining. With light. With love. We have forgotten that we are beautiful souls and that we are in a school planet to learn and experience. Not to lament and whip ourselves.

If we change our way of thinking, if we connect with our inner spiritual self; we will bring to the surface the true divine essence that is in each one of us. And we will give ourselves the opportunity to retake and reconnect with our divine essence, because, believe it or not, we are children of GOD. And just as a drop of the ocean does not form the ocean, of course, but in that little drop, is all the potential gathered. As children of GOD, we have in our DNA all the latent elements to wake up, if we want to.

The hardest thing: the inner work. Which can be long and tedious, especially in the beginning.

The easiest thing: to go on as we are.

So, I thought that every week I will give a decree. And explain it a little. I don’t know if this call of mine will echo in any soul. But I know that I must at least try. Because friend, if it has helped me, it can help you too.

Evidently, there will be souls who have already overcome this state. But there are many others who go round and round in this state of despair, of caging, waiting for that little ray of light that will indicate to them where to begin to move forward and which they so long for in the depths of their being.

With all my love…

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