It’s as simple as that. Just like that. That powerful… and that infinitely complicated.

Many people turn to their environment. Forgetting about themselves. I’m not going to go in there if this is right or not. But I do say and affirm that the first obligation we have is to ourselves. The phrase ‘you can’t give away what you lack’ is a tangible reality for me.

Many people complain about not having full and harmonious relationships. How can we want someone else to love us or appreciate us or value us… if we ourselves, who after all are the ones who know ourselves best, don’t? Let us not be mistaken. Thoughts are vibrations. And only such vibrations are attracted. If you do not love or accept yourself, you will only attract people with the same shortcomings as you.

To love and accept oneself means that everything and being very aware of our defects, we are also aware of our virtues. To love and accept oneself is to treat oneself with affection, with benevolence, assuming our errors, of course, but without whipping ourselves; often the human being is the worst enemy of himself. We have to learn to be more compassionate and loving with ourselves. Raw material is the ideal. Little by little we will improve it.

I think we should all imagine ourselves as little children who are starting to walk. Some will do it with courage, others will do it with shyness. Some will be very fast. Others more slowly… but can you imagine a mother telling her son or her baby that he’s stupid because he can’t do it? Or that she doesn’t love him anymore? Well, that’s how you should treat yourself. With care and affection. Which does not mean with permissiveness.

You may feel lonely… but that’s just a false perception. Every time you think that you do not love yourself, that it is impossible to accept yourself because you want or need this and this… count yourself with the eyes with which the most loving of mothers would look at you. But it is not even like that. As much as the love of a mother is infinite… the love of GOD, of the spiritual entities for you is infinitely superior. You are loved. You are loved. You are valued. You are accepted. You are accepted without judgment. Without reproaches. With the most INFINITE LOVE, that perhaps, a human mind can’t get to understand.

Through this decree, with patience and perseverance, with all the sincerity of your soul and heart, you will succeed in ‘seeing’ yourself as our brothers of light do. Your brothers, who are always there. Waiting to be called, hoping that you will finally understand and see and feel your light… that you will see yourself with the loving, kind and compassionate eyes with which they look at you.

If you love and accept yourself, you will stop treating yourself like a doormat, you will regain your inherent dignity and you will start to attract situations and people to your life in line with that vibration you start to emit.

If you love and accept yourself, others will too. And if you love and accept yourself, you will attract into your life people who in turn know what it is to love and accept.

You can do this as many times as you want. Repeat and repeat, gently but firmly. And with love. In the morning and at night. And if possible, looking directly into your eyes. It is ideal to work in front of a mirror.

With all my love…

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