Perhaps, many have heard about the power of this plant to eradicate all kinds of negative energies. And it is true, indeed.

But this magic plant is still much, much more effective. Because it is also the magic herb of good luck. The ancient alchemists knew well that it holds the secret of the grail energy and the power of transmutation.

If we go into the secret language of nature and its hidden geography, we will see that the rue usually grows in the enclaves considered as magical or sacred. And this is not by chance,

The rue is marked by the number nine, the magic number of the ancient matriarchal and telluric cults, celebrated in these sacred enclaves, some of which still remain.

Nine is the number of the telluric energy that sustains mother earth. TO GAIA.

Rude help and is especially advisable for all those people who lack will and who too often have negative thoughts.

It is said that rue is the plant of faith, and therefore is considered to be the basis of MENTAL ALCHEMY. For, in reality, faith is the reason why many people fail to achieve positive results by practising mind control, because faith is the ACT OF BELIEVING and belief is the ENERGY THAT CREATES and shapes thoughts, crystallising them into concrete and palpable desires.

Thus, it acts as a talisman to attract health and luck into a positive mind. When things are not going well, the rue succeeds in transmuting positive energies into negative ones, whether it is the energies of our home, of people close to us, or of our own mind.

To remove the negative energies from our environment and ourselves, which prevent us from attracting everything positive, all we have to do is burn a little dry rue in a charcoal in the desired place, or better yet, all over the house – always from the inside out and clockwise – for nine consecutive days.

Or, whenever we feel pessimistic or depressed, just rub the forehead and/or temples with a few drops of rue oil – attention, that is for body use.

Whenever rue is used, either in the form of incense or in the form of oil, it is very positive to say:

Transmutation. Transmutation. Transmutation.

Positive energy. Positive energy. Positive energy.

I am the power of transmutation, faith and positive energy. Here and now I transmute ….. (Saying what we don’t want) into (saying what we want). Amen

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