Once we have decided, we are clear about what we want, we are clear about the ritual or work that we are going to do and we have the ingredients, we are going to look for the appropriate day for the topic that interests us. And then the phases of the moon (you will find the necessary information in the different articles of this page). Be very careful with this, because many works fail because they do not choose carefully the right moment.

Well, we have it all. Now we will look for a quiet place, where we will not be disturbed. Out of tension, out of motion… total concentration.

The first thing you need is a black candle or a white candle. The white one is placed on the right. The black one on the left. These are called altar candles. And they must be lit for the entire duration of a ritual. Be it one day or seven.

Incense: the appropriate one for the theme. They will represent the earth element. They serve incense sticks, but it is much better a real incense burned in charcoals. Stronger and above all more natural.

Oils and powders. Always in odd numbers. Usually 3 of each. Oils represent the element water. Powders represent the earth element. Thus, the 4 elements are already represented, which are essential in every ritual

Then we go into the materials of the ritual itself: the candles and the candles, powders and oils that we have chosen. Pay close attention, the elements should be as natural as possible. Magic is communion with nature. For example, a poor quality candle, made with animal fats, will never work, because it is impregnated with animal suffering.

It is imperative that candles are anointed. Usually this is done with the oil or oils. From the centre upwards and from the centre downwards. An odd number of times. Then they must be anointed with the powder. In this way, the candles become something magical, charged with the energies of the 4 elements plus that of our own vibrations charged with our desire.

At this point the candles are ready.

If we use planetary candles – to represent people – great care should be taken to choose the right colours according to the sign of the zodiac. When in doubt, always use white, which is the wild card colour.

Candles give more energy – they contain the wax of 9 candles – and unless the work you want to do indicates using candles, candles are the most suitable.

If you do not follow a particular ritual but invent one, always remember that 3 is the right number. In other words, 3 candles which will be placed in the form of a triangle, with the vertex facing upwards. This will greatly intensify the energy that will be released from it.

When everything is ready… good concentration, good visualisation… start by lighting the altar candles. First the one on the left. Then the one on the right. Then the incense. Then the candles or candles of the work itself. Always with wooden matches – 3 for each candle – and always clockwise for the positive and counter-clockwise for the negative.

It is at this moment that you must concentrate all your strength for the request you are going to make. You can call upon a spiritual entity, the forces of the universe, your guardian angel … and it is time to decree, that is, to pronounce loudly and clearly your request and your desire. But not by pleading, but by affirming that what you ask for, you will get. In this way, you are creating your reality. It is appropriate to end with a prayer of your liking, or with a psalm appropriate to the subject.

There are rituals that are one day only. Others are of 3, 5, 7 or 9 days. But in all cases, and after the ritual itself, you must ‘enhance’ what you have done, which means that until you have achieved your purpose each month, or each week, you must do so as a reminder, i.e. put up a candle or a candle to further reinforce the major work.

Before and after any work, but absolutely necessary if it is a negative work – that is, if it is for defence or if it is to separate or drive someone away – it is recommended to take flushing baths. Before, to purify the aura: we are doing a magical act; after, so that no possible energy is left behind that we have handled.

Likewise, the place or room where the ritual has been done, it is also convenient to clean it energetically, before or after. And this is imperative in the case of negative work.

Finally, a word of warning: at the time of the ritual itself, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothing, as natural as possible, in a light colour. Loose hair and bare feet if possible.

If you follow the steps indicated, you have 90% of the success guaranteed. The rest… mental power and perseverance.

Although it may seem a little difficult, you will see that as soon as you get the hang of it, you will soon be designing your own rituals, thus creating a world of magical energies, where, without harming anyone, you will be creating and shaping your future. And this is truly fascinating… and magical.

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