Doing a ritual is not just taking and lighting candles and spreading them with oils and powders.

First and foremost, it is important to remember that all rituals require a lot of energy, time and money. So you have to think and assess if you really want and need what you are going to undertake.

The consequences of our actions must be carefully assessed and suspected. That ‘be careful what you wish for, lest it be given to you’ is never more true than here.

Energy expenditure: this is our willpower. The driving fire, the raw material, for it must be poured out and above all and above all visualised. Not so much what we are doing, but what we want to see realised: that is, to create reality with our thoughts.

Time expenditure: the time we invest in thinking and shaping the ritual. The time we take to find the materials. The time it takes to do the ritual itself. And the time it takes to enhance it in successive months and to visualize it until it is obtained. All the important things in life are obtained through perseverance.

Expenditure of money: this is pure logic. Good materials: greater triumph and power. That is to say, sometimes we want something with all our strength… but then we are not willing to invest anything, or almost. Then, perhaps we do not want it so much. And by this I do not mean that we have to spend large sums of money, but that magic is not synonymous with miracles; in a work, in a ritual, the forces of the cosmos are put to work, spiritual entities intervene and we have to demonstrate as far as possible that we really ‘want’ what we ask for. On the other hand, and using the parallelism of beauty creams for example, a 10 euro cream is not the same as an 80 euro cream. Good ingredients guarantee greater success.

If, after considering all this, we still think it is worth doing a ritual… go ahead. You will rarely be disappointed, unless you ask for an impossible one. The magic is very strong, but it’s useless to ask to win some competitions if you don’t study. Magic does. Miracles no.

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