Sometimes we want to forget a person we already know belongs to our past, but despite all our efforts it seems to come back to our mind again and again to haunt us. If you want to erase that wound and forget for good, this spell is the one you should perform. Don’t forget that the Moon is in a waning phase.

Cut an apple in half. Remove the heart with the seeds and, instead, introduce 7 iron nails, a paper with your ex-partner’s name and sac sacks of powder. Tie the apple together again using a black ribbon.

Once the apple has been prepared in this way, surround it with two candles: an orange one to symbolise the strength and intensity of your desire and a white one to symbolise the purity of your intentions to forget without causing harm.

Leave the apple in the light of the flames until both candles are consumed. Then take the apple and any remaining wax and bury it somewhere far away. Or simply throw it in a container away from your house. But first take the precaution of wrapping it in a dark cloth which you will tie 3 knots in, well concentrated because each knot will be your confirmation of the oblivion towards that person who made you suffer so much.

You will see how in a short time, the memory of that person disappears from your life leaving only room for indifference.

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