A simple ritual, whose purpose is to help us forget a past relationship that still haunts us.

Always performed during the waning moon.

Get a fresh egg and pass it over each part of your body, taking it with both hands. Rub your whole body with it, as if it were a bar of soap.

Then soak it in water in a place that receives full moon light for 7 hours. Finally, go somewhere far away from your home, where there are no people, if it is a natural place better.

Throw the egg there, with all your physical and mental strength, very focused on what you are doing. When it explodes on the ground, say: salt, damn it, salt so you never come back. I feel at peace with myself and the world around me. Thus I will keep the love and joy of my soul.

Go home by a different road than the one you used to go. Take a bath and add rose petals and cinnamon.

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