This is a very powerful ritual of separation of two people. For you to be able to do this, you must be very clear that it is your absolute right. You cannot interfere with a couple breaking up. Even if you succeed, don’t forget the laws of magic: everything we do will come back to us 3 times.

1 separation candle

1 oil separation or hate.

Separation or hate dust.

Guinea pepper


Black ribbon

Black pins

Ritual pen

Separation vinegar or similar.

Cleaning incense and coals.

At the place where the ritual is to be performed, put 3 coals on a plate and pour plenty of incense.

Place the full name of the person on the candle, from bottom to top, with the help of a toothpick. Do the same with her candle.

Spread oil and vinegar on both candles.

Make a mixture with the pepper and the powder. Pour over the candles. Place the sulphur at their feet.

Write on the parchment 7 wishes explaining why you want these two people to be separated; use the magic ink and the pen. Tie the parchment to the candle with the help of the black ribbon and make 7 knots.

Push the pins through the candle, especially in the parts that bother you the most (for example, if it were a question of influence, you would do it on the forehead and mouth. If it were for sex, you would do it on the genitals).

Once everything has been prepared, light the candle – always with wooden matches – let it burn and throw the remains in a dark wrapper and a container away from your home, where they should not be passed on for at least a month.

This same ritual can be performed not only on a love level, but also, for example, on people who have a bad influence on a loved one.

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