There are times in life when, for one reason or another, a loved one moves away from us. If you are sure that it is not because of a lack of love, but because of an excess of egos… you can do this ritual that will be very useful to you.

You need

A candle of love, of mastery, of tick or similar

9 red-headed pins

Tick or mastery powders.

Oil of love, or tick or dominion extract

Take the candle and divide it into 9 more or less equal parts. Mark them clearly e.g. with a stick so that they are clearly visible.

Spread the oil or extract and the powder on the candle.

Put a red pin in each of the dividing walls. Hold the candle in your left hand and stick the pin in with your right hand.

Every time you stick the pin in, say in a clear and firm voice:

Wax is more resistant than the will of (say the name of that person) and so here and now I order you to come and not stop, to be restless wherever you find yourself; you will come in body and soul to see me. I command you for the greater good of both.

This ritual lasts 9 days. Every time it reaches the dividing line, you have to turn it off – without blowing – to turn it on again the next day until it reaches the dividing line again.

It’s a very easy spell to do, but during the time the candle is lit you must be very concentrated, putting all your energy and visualizing yourself with that person in happy situations.

Note: you must do it the first Friday after the new moon and for 9 days in a row. And repeat every month until that person comes back to you.

Note: if you don’t have red head pins, you can paint them yourself.

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