Usually, when a couple argues frequently, it is certain that there is a third party in discord. It does not necessarily have to be a lover.

It can be a jealous mother-in-law, an envious friend or a resentful neighbour. No matter who, someone is probably ‘filling the head’ of one or both partners.

Get rid of those negative vibrations and strengthen your bond with this rite of passage and cut against anyone who wants to disunite them.

To perform this binding, buy a new lock, with 3 keys. Be careful to take the lock to your home.

At the beginning of the ritual, pass through the house a cleaning incense – better the incense, but if you can’t find it, pass incense sticks – make sure there is a lot of smoke, to clean better. Then open the windows so that the bad vibrations go away.

In a container, prepare a mixture of water with sea salt and add a few drops of holy water. Insert the lock and the keys, dip your hands in the water and open and close the lock 3 times (the last time it should be open).

Each time you open it, say:

In the name of the beings of light who surround and protect us, I command you – say the name of the couple – that the foolish words you hear should fade into your ears. Let the images that drive you away disappear from your sight.

Let the Angel of Love guide your steps. Three times I will call you, three times I will beat the lock so that the doors of your heart may open and you may come to me.

Place the bowl of salt water containing the open lock and keys under your bed for 7 days. Then throw the padlock – open – and tie the 3 keys with a red ribbon.

Wear them around your neck until the problem is solved.

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