To master

This ritual is very simple, although as always in magic, we must persevere for some time to achieve our desire.

Meditate well if you truly love that person, and, above all, if they love you. You cannot go against the free will of that person.

But, if what happens is because of third parties who annoy, or because of misunderstandings or fears, it can be done.

The best day is the first Friday after the new moon.

You need:

1 masthead or also a moored masthead. Only one.

7 nails of the species

Musk powder

Oil of domain and/or mooring. You can use both for greater strength.

Powder of domain and / or mooring. You can use both for greater strength.

Precipitated red

Candy sugar

Make a cross on the candle with the spice nails (warm them up a little so that you can place them better in the wax). While doing this, you should be very focused on your purpose.

Write that person’s name 7 times on the candle. (With a toothpick for example)

Mix all the ingredients and use them to spread the whole candle. Do it abundantly.

Light the candle and say this prayer three times:

I conjure thee (say the name of that person) in the name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, who with this conjure I reconjure thee. You shall come into my hands like a lamb and not with the cross of the eternal father, but full of love and attention to me.

I adjure you, my love, creature of God to think of me only with love.

I conjure you, my beloved, in the name of the spirit of dominion, I conjure up your five senses, judgement, thought, will.

May you be mastered in the present and in the future, for our greatest happiness.

That when I see him/her look at me; when I touch him/her touch me; when I sigh he/she sigh.

Thus, his/her 5 senses will be bound to me and mine to him/her forever and ever.

Repeat this ritual every month until the desired effects are achieved.

Note: Before doing this ritual, it is recommended to take a bath to eliminate fears and blockages. And then continue with baths or love soaps. It can also be enhanced by regular use of a perfume or love extracts.

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