This is a ritual to be performed on a Wednesday – Mercury day, communication day – in the phase of the rising moon.

Get a light blue paper – pink if the loved one is a woman – and cut out the outline with the shape of a telephone set, about the size of your hand. Then take an orange marker and write the name of the person you are expecting to call. If you know their phone number, write it on the back, but this time, use a green marker.

Then hold the paper on the right side and say, calling the Air element:

Air Forces, have (name) call me on the phone. May the energies activated at this time cause it to communicate with me so that love may arise between us.

Now, turn the page and write in red marker, the following:

I want to hear from you. The desire to hear my voice is so intense that you cannot resist. Call me, call me, call me. So be it. Amen.

Sign your order.

Take the paper in your hands again and visualize how the person you love is calling you. Feel the emotions, feel yourself vibrate.

Then place the paper under your phone and remove it only when you have received that long-awaited call.

Then burn the paper, throw the ashes to the wind and thank you for having fulfilled your wish.

This ritual can be reinforced by adding love powders and oils to the paper and veiling it – i.e. leaving it in candlelight or red candles or candles of mastery or love or despair, also anointed with appropriate oils and powders. Once the candles are finished, the paper will be placed under the phone, while the wax residues will be placed on a red cloth that we will take with us. Every time we have the opportunity, we will touch it, trying again to visualize our wish already fulfilled.

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